The CV-19 Outbreak

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The CV-19 Outbreak in a Nutshell

July 2020

How would I summarise the 500+ page book COVID-19 and Project Fear in a nutshell? Not easily! But, let me have a go ...

What was the Spring 2020 outbreak of CV-19 all about?

It's my view that some close variant of CV-19 existed in a laboratory for several years before the late-2020 outbreak in Wuhan, China. Whether it was originally developed as a bio-weapon and released either on purpose or accidentally I'm confident the world will never know because the ramifications are too great. What's important is not whether it was or was not a bio-weapon but that it did not develop naturally but escaped from a laboratory. It was engineered from the previous SARS strain: Cov-1 was engineered into Cov-2 to specifically target and infect humans. We know this from the protein spike and how no instance of infection has, as yet, been detected in any wild animal, particularly horseshoe bats that they told us it emanated from in the first place!

How do we know CV-19 was born in a laboratory? President Donald Trump has said so. The former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove has said so. The unique protein spike of CV-19 is not natural and has not undergone a natural evolutionary process. It was stable from day one because it was made that way.

Early in January 2020 the world watched China as rumours started to emerge of yet another flu strain to emerge out of that disease generating country. Would it die out? Would it spread? The world held its breath. January 2020 is when the common people first learned of this "novel" virus but I'm convinced secret service organisations such as MI6 and the CIA would have known long before Joe Public learnt about CV-19. How much they knew is anyone's guess but from Donald Trump's disgust with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and pulling all funding on them, I get the impression that China confided with the WHO before US intelligence as to the potential seriousness of CV-19. How long the WHO knew about CV-19 before they informed the public, again we'll never know but it could have been some considerable time. What is clear is that the WHO worked with Chinese authorities to try and keep the knowledge of CV-19 secret, probably in the hope that it would die out naturally or be contained and not warrant telling the world.

Previously, the WHO has been forthcoming in announcing a new strain of influenza or ebola around the world but they were not forthcoming with the spread of CV-19. It's easy to speculate the WHO's reasons for not being fully transparent but it must lie in the fact CV-19 was different and "novel". I tend to stay clear of going down the "conspiracy theorist" rabbit hole but it is my opinion that the WHO were informed CV-19 was born in a laboratory and was highly contagious and infecting and killing people in Wuhan in their thousands. A characteristic of CV-19 that has become evident is that it is highly contagious in the early stages of symptoms, has a high reproduction number and specifically targets humans. However, after its initial death-burst CV-19 burns out fast. I can imagine the WHO literally shitting its pants in the early days of the spread of CV-19 through Wuhan and as it worked its way across mainland China. Once CV-19 started to work its way outside Wuhan, the WHO had to come clean and inform the world. As stated in Trump's letter to Dr Tedros of the WHO, they knew of CV-19 no later than the 30th of December 2019 but only announced that it was a public health emergency on the 30th of January 2020 - exactly 1 month to the day later, as though the WHO had done a deal with China to keep stum for a timespan of 1 month.

As they say, the rest is history as CV-19 first hit largely owned Chinese industralised northern Italy hard in February 2020. If you live in the UK, think back to February 2020 as we sat each night watching footage coming out of Italian hospital ICUs of the elderly dying in their thousands. It was as though the UK government were rabbits facing oncoming headlights as they counted up their weekly expenses in London's gentleman's clubs. One of the worst outbreaks of influenza/flu/CV-19/whatever was munching its way through Italy's elders and just a question of time before it blew over the channel and made its way to UK shores, but the UK's Prime Minister couldn't be arsed attending a single Corbra meeting. All the while the UK government didn't seem in the least bit interested and seemed to be of the opinion that us Brits can handle a dose of flu better than anyone else in the entire world. By the start of March, UKGov started to take CV-19 more seriously as cases and deaths started to sporadically appear on British soil.

UKGov's first strategy was "herd immunity" - what's that we all asked back in March 2020. It was an approach that our Swedish neighbours were adopting in that no one - but no one - can play hide and seek from influenza since it is too contagious and so just let the damn thing do its thing. UKGov's propaganda machine fired up and started to sell the herd-immunity message and that people would get infected, suffer and die but we'd come through it in true British fighting spirit. Here's where everything became weird and as though the UK's officials had been zapped by a new brain fog weapon. Out of nowhere a stranger crawled out of the woodwork on the 16th of March 2020 - his name was Professor Lockdown and he had tucked under his arm a report - it was a modern day Doomsday report. His report predicted that the herd-immunity approach would lead to around half a million deaths. With this report at hand, you'd think UKGov would label CV-19 as a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID), but no it didn't because just 3 days later it downgraded the disease to a non-HCID. What the fuck! But OK, we're on track to stick with the herd-immunity approach. No, because 4 days later the brain fog gun was fired again and on the 23rd of March, Prime Minister Boris Johnson descended the entire UK into a state of what would become known as lockdown.

Here's the really spooky thing. A 329 page CV-19 Act of Parliament appeared out of thin air, while the 585 page Brexit Draft document took 18 months to write. What else is one to infer that this Act was written months/years earlier with the working title "Pandemic Act", and sat collecting dust on a Whitehall shelf until CV-19 came along. There can be no other explanation. The first recorded death from/with CV-19 was not until the 5th of March and yet just 14 days later on the 19th of March the Act passed through the House of Commons without a vote on the 23rd of March, and the House of Lords on the 25th of March. The Act subsequently received royal assent on the 25th of March. A total of 6 days between being presented to Parliament and receiving royal assent. Where was Gina Miller when you needed her?

Lockdown was always doomed to fail in the UK for a number of reasons. Firstly, the UK is supposedly a democratic nation and doesn't swallow too well Chinese totalitarian lockdowns and their associated loss of liberty. Secondly, any fool could have told Boris Johnson on the 23rd of March that lockdown would only end in economic destruction. So, why did they go ahead with it? Johnson's Oxford University Club senior Cabinet were faced with 2 choices: i) lockdown, or ii) no lockdown. They could have flipped a coin but I believe they opted for lockdown-Armageddon because they perceived it would result in the least amount of political backlash if millions did indeed die from CV-19. But hold on a minute - they knew Professor Lockdown was an arsehole when it came to predictions and forecasts and a man who couldn't predict the Sun rising each morning in the East, so why trust his end of world prediction? Maybe they did and maybe they didn't but either way the bodies [359 in fact] were stacking up by the 23rd of March as Johnson's 8pm address approached - and what was he to do? If UKGov opted for lockdown like the rest of the pack following the WHO then he could always blame the WHO and ultimately argue he was doing what everyone else was doing. On the other hand, to adopt a Swedish non-lockdown attack would take a Prime Minister who was made of steel and a man with the coverage of his own convictions, and I believe the 23rd of March 2020 proved just what sort of man Boris Johnson is when he wimped out. I also believe the Johnson Oxford Club run government believed that lockdown wouldn't last too long - a month at the most.

The irony is that Boris Johnson's Conservative Party were elected with a large majority in December 2019, but if another General Election was held just 5 months later in May 2020 I'm convinced they would have been booted out of government. Their handling of CV-19 and lockdown has to go down in British economic history as one of the biggest cockups ever. Never before has a government said to its people: i) stay at home, ii) don't go to work, and iii) don't worry as we'll pay your salary. The village idiot could have told them it was a recipe for disaster from the start. Thousands of premature deaths at home, in care homes and in hospitals, more than 2 million cancer sufferers having tests and treatment delayed, thousands of businesses forced into administration and millions made unemployed. People don't forget such things quickly. It scars them for life. If Johnson's government genuinely opted for lockdown to save lives and minimise the political egg on their faces then they made a gigantic mistake that will take more than a generation to repair the damage. The Boris Johnson government had just one single thing to pull off and they would have been a roaring success, and that was to realise Brexit and get the UK out of the EU Fascist Block. Instead they destroyed the UK economy beyond repair and humiliated the British people with totalitarian legislation, Stasi police enforcement and the most extreme form of socialism fiscal policy.

Having said all that, I believe there was another reason for descending the country into lockdown meltdown - remember that CV-19 was man-made and came out of a laboratory. Lockdown was not only a political decision but maybe the best decision for tackling an unknown manufactured bio-weapon designed to infect and kill humans. How do I know that UKGov's lockdown strategy was dual-pronged? Because of their own emphasis on "flattening the curve". The idea behind lockdown was to flatten the death curve to "protect the NHS" from being swamped all at once. Fair enough, but why also build 7 Nightingale hospitals, numerous fields hospitals in Wales and Scotland, and temporary mortuaries? These were to cater for this novel laboratory bio-weapon killing millions, probably on the advice of their own secret intelligence or the wishes of WHO, who UKGov have followed every word to the letter throughout the CV-19 outbreak.

Ever since the UK was descended into lockdown, I've heard numerous conjectures as to why the country was placed into such a state. They range from it being part of a New World Order (NWO) to a scheme to kill off the elderly and save the government [that is, the taxpayer] State Pension contributions. What government would destroy the UK economy just to save a few £million each year on the State pension, when they in turn end up having to take out literally hundreds of £billions in debt to pay for the lockdown. I'll never rule anything out, but it seems highly implausible. I'll reiterate my own guess that lockdown and the temporary Nightingale hospitals was to help tackle what they perceived as a deadly bio-weapon, that in fact never panned out to be that deadly.

Remember that earlier I said that CV-19 burns itself out quickly and has proved not to be as deadly as first thought. The following graph illustrates this perfectly:

It shows the CV-19 death rate for both the UK and Sweden. Aside, from showing little difference between the two countries irrespective of lockdown it also shows how CV-19 was decreasing even before the 23rd of March lockdown. Eh? If UKGov knew this - and I'm sure they did - then why persist with lockdown? That is a million dollar question and demands an answer from UKGov. Until we get one (and I don't believe we ever will) then we can only conjecture as to how their minds were reasoning. As argued above, I believe UKGov went along with the herd of other European governments adopting a lockdown strategy even though they knew all too well that CV-19 was not a big deal. But I also believe there must have been some intelligence that the average man and woman are not privy to that CV-19 has a dark side. It mutates, adapts or whatever and must be squashed. Why do I say this? Because of the way governments around the world have reacted in the form of social-distancing, face masks, local lockdowns, etc when there have been few cases; eg the Australian government's handling of their "2nd wave" in July 2020. If governments knew that CV-19 was no big deal then we would not see the degree of utter paranoia from governments around the world and the endless stream of doomsday statements from the good for nothings at the WHO.

At the start of June 2020, Australia started to witness a 2nd wave [don't make me laugh] of CV-19 but the government's response to the handful of cases was totally disproportionate. The Australian government were as bad as China when it came to lockdown and stripping the people of their freedom in an attempt to squash a virus that at that time was known to be less fatal than flu. Also, consider the UK's drip by drip approach to face masks. First, face masks were not required. Then it was advised to wear a face mask. Then they were made compulsory when travelling on public transport. Then they were compulsory in shops in Scotland and next compulsory in shops in England from the 24th of July. As of the 22nd of July there were 445 daily cases and 110 daily deaths for the whole of the UK's 68 million population; or relative to the entire population 0.00065% cases and 0.00016% deaths. Why the pure paranoia with face nappies for a minuscule number of daily cases and deaths? It's easy to jump on the NWO bandwagon but I don't buy it. I don't subscribe to the notion that CV-19 is part of a NWO but I am a great believer in political machines never wasting a good crisis.

Right from day one of the CV-19 Spring 2020 outbreak, UKGov has been relentless about the need for a vaccine to offer an escape from this "deadly virus" - which it isn't, and "pandemic" - which it isn't. They seized the crisis as a way of pouring £billions in bio-engineering, genetic research, vaccine development and research while aligned with large multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturers such as the British and British-Swedish corporations of GSK and AstraZeneca. For some time, the UK government has been building up bio-technology and wanting the UK to be a world leader in the latest white coat science. What other explanation can there be for their relentless push for a CV-19 vaccine when one isn't needed? On the 20th of July 2020 when they announced the launch of their NHS 500,000 human trial initiative Millions could be vaccinated against COVID-19 as UK secures strong portfolio of promising vaccines, the reality was that CV-19 was all but burnt out and less of a threat than falling off a bicycle even with the government's own exaggerated data. UKGov placed an advanced order for 100 million [only 68 million population] doses of the CV-19 vaccine before it was even developed! Eager to save lives, or following another hidden agenda?

I just mentioned the exaggerated data. What a complete sham! It is estimated by some that the exaggeration lies somewhere between a factor of 5 and 10. Why go out of your way to exaggerate both the number of CV-19 cases and deaths? Exaggerated to such an extent that their own data has zero confidence levels. Attributing CV-19 to death certificates for a person dying "with" and "from" CV-19, even though right from the outset it was known that no one dies from a cold, flu or CV-19 but dies from associated complications such as pneumonia. Then there was the cancelling of the usual procedure of requiring 2 doctors to sign off the death certificate, and one who knew the patient. For persons tested positive for CV-19 autopsies were cancelled, thus eliminating the possibility of accurately determining what a person died from rather than simply stating CV-19. It was eventually discovered that once a person tested positive for CV-19 there was no time limit to when this could be added to a death certificate, meaning that a person could be tested positive in March and die in July by being hit by a bus and still have CV-19 added as a cause of death. Then there was the double counting of test results so that the same person was counted multiple times, inflating the statistics by more than 20%. Why such endless sloppiness over the data, and always with the end result of inflating the statistics and never deflating it? There can only be one explanation in that UKGov always wanted the number of cases and deaths to be larger than they would be, because they knew early on that CV-19 was not as bad as first envisioned. And why would a government want to inflate the CV-19 statistics? To make CV-19 appear more deadly than it actually is. And why would they want to do that? If you don't subscribe to the NWO conjecture like me then I boil it down to one of four reasons that justify this degree of paranoia.

Reason 1 - CV-19 Vaccination

I'm not so simple-minded to believe that Health Secretary Matt Hancock is forcing through CV-19 vaccination because he holds a few thousand shares in a pharmaceutical company, or that other politicians have similar vested interests, but rather that he and others in UKGov are pro-vaccine, pro-biotech, pro-genetics and pro other stuff they equally have no idea how it works but like the sound of and like seeing men and women walking around in nice clean white coats while wearing purple latex gloves. They like the idea of this 21st century nuclear energy in which the 1950s politicians of the day were dazzled by men walking round nuclear power stations holding just a clipboard. Today, at the start of the 21st century, the dawn of a new millennium no less, Hancock and his kind like the sight of equally high-tech folk walking round in clinical laboratories. Like Bill Gates,they can easily understand the idea of a vaccine being like a software patch, while all the time having fuck all medical knowledge or deep understanding of actually how a vaccine works. Even though vaccines have killed and disabled hundreds of thousands of people, this is a price worth paying for the millions of lives they save - again, a simple weighing up of figures that minds such as Gates and Hancock can comprehend. Akin with a new form of religion, Gates & Co are members of the Church of Vaccines and like good born-agains exist to convert us all.

Yes folks - this is my ultimate conclusion what the CV-19 Spring 2020 outbreak and lockdown was all about in the UK. No NWO, No move to a Police State. No push to eliminate cash. No initiative to kill the retail sector. Yes, these were all added bonuses but the real "never waste a good crisis" goal was something else entirely. Instead, an opportunity to strengthen the UK's position as a world leader in bio-technology and to exploit a crisis to re-program the mindset of the UK's people to once and for all accept that vaccines are good not just for you and for me but for the whole of the UK and the entire globe.

Reason 2 - National Debt

When Boris Johnson's Oxford University Cabinet government ordered the UK's economy and people into a state of lockdown in March 2020 he and everyone else knew it would bankrupt the economy. If you don't believe this then you are naive. UKGov and the BoE secured £330billion in debt, £200billion in quantitative easing took out a further £100billion in debt in August 2020. These are big numbers when compared to UKGov's income each year and bearing in mind in the UK already had a £2trillion [£2,000,000,000,000] national debt before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Imagine if you paid a visit to your bank manager and said that you wanted to take a year off work and stay at home watching daytime TV and that you had no savings and wanted to borrow £20,000 to do so. What do you think the reply would be? The bank manager would laugh at you. But what if added that there was a very good reason for staying at home as there was a danger outside? Now you have a case.

Some individuals, organisations or countries underwrote the UK's secured debt. Some cash rich nations such as China perhaps? The people who really profit from nation lockdowns are those underwriting the debt. National debt is simple but highly effective. You can persuade me to take out personal debt but you can't force me. But with national debt repayments I have no choice. National debt ensures every citizens makes monthly repayments whether they like it or not. I believe this is a serious contender to the real reason behind the COVID-19 "pandemic". Get countries such as the UK and Australia all worked up about a deadly virus, enforce strict lockdowns and curfews, take out large sums of debt and make them pay off the debt for generations to come. While everyone has their attention focused on a deadly virus the real stealth attack is via debt. It's the classic magicians trick of diverting your attention off the trick at hand. The simple and swift act of locking down a nation a over the space of a few months will allow others to milk the countries for decades.

Historically in the UK the worst month of the year for the stockmarket is October following the lean months between May and September. And when does the furlough scheme end (unless extended again) - October. The price of gold has in August seen the $2,000/ounce barrier broken for the first time and a good indicator that people are moving their wealth assets from stocks and into commodities. If the UK's economic collapse is going happen soon then my guess is that it will be in October 2020. Time will tell.

Reason 3 - A Far-Left Communist Attack

For some time UKGov has had a communist underbelly in its civil-service. In August 2020, The Critic published the excellent article The BLM takeover of Whitehall, which helped expose just how far gone the UK civil-service is. What did lockdown do? It destroyed the UK economy, infrastructure, culture and way of life overnight. The far-left fanatics have been trying to achieve this for years. Maybe Boris Johnson's Oxford University Cabinet government were either in on the UK's destruction or ill advised and too thick to realise the game being played out. Either way, the UK's lockdown damaged and changed forever the UK's economy and social cohesion. Just when the UK was going to race away post-Brexit when the UK's exit from the EU Fascist State was made legal in January 2020, it was sent back into economic Dark Ages by draconian lockdown legislation - a legislation put together by UKGov's own civil-service.

Reason 4 - CV-19 Dark Side

In addition to the UK's paranoia revolving around CV-19, take a look at the actions of the Australian authorities and specifically the State of Victoria at the start of August 2020. On the 2nd of August they declared the State of Victoria to be a "State of Disaster". Shown below is the daily deaths as of the 1st of August.

Those deaths are actual values. They are not in 10s, not 100s, not 1,000s and not 1,000,000s but actual number of deaths. On the 2nd of August the whole of Australia's population of 25 million people reported 7 - yes, just 7 - CV-19 deaths. And yet, the State of Victoria declared itself a "State of Disaster" and imposed several restrictions and nighttime curfews between the hours of 8pm and 5am for a minimum of 6 weeks.

No country or State acts with this degree of response unless they perceive a severe threat. But on the surface, what is the threat? A handful of deaths? Even several thousand deaths would be no big deal for an entire nation such as Australia. Thus, keeping clear of so-called "conspiracy theories" we are left with the only explanation that government authorities know something we don't. Does CV-19 have a dark-side that as yet is unseen. Such over-reactions by nations do make me wonder if their own secret laboratories such as Porton Down in the UK have discovered something about CV-19 that warrants this level of response. Have they observed some sort of mutation or adaptation of CV-19 that they want to prevent and are too fearful of telling us?

My money's on a combination of Reasons 2) and 3) because the source of most rottenness in the world is money. Then again, I may be wrong!