The Far-Left Cancelling Culture

The Far-Left Cancelling Culture

July 2020

This article discusses a culture of cancelling the British establishment that extends across a broad range of far-left groups in the UK.


Unions were originally devised to help protect worker rights but by the 1970s unions in the UK had attained such powers they were working to destroy the British economy. This was particularly evident in the car and shipping industries. It's easy to blame the collapse of the British manufacturing industry on increased competition from abroad and in particular from Japan but the unions assisted in its dismantling. But why would unions do that? Not all unions played this game but those with a Labour communist underbelly did.

Many people would call me mad to imply that there exist fanatical unions and members of the Labour Party who want to see the dismantling of the British establishment, but it is true that the UK has a large anti-establishment rottenness acting from within.

Front man of the miner's strike, Arthur Scargill. A man who believed that the future was burning more coal. His other main doctrine was one of "going out on strike" when you don't agree with something. A simplistic technique in which in the end everyone loses.

Scottish Parliament

Tony Blair's government first took office following the May 1997 General Election. It is no coincidence that within less than 6 months his Labour government granted the Scottish Parliament Referendum in September 1997. Indeed, the Labour Party included the establishment of a Scottish Parliament in its General Election manifesto. Labour would argue that this was letting the Scottish people decide their own future and governance, and the referendum could have gone either way. However, it speaks volumes that a predominantly English Labour government would permit a Scottish Parliament referendum and exploit it to help get elected.

What the Scottish people probably underestimated when they voted in 1997 for their own Parliament was that once formed they would never get a second vote on its removal. The Scottish Parliament is now here to stay. People can vote on which government controls parliament but parliament will always remain. The formation of the Scottish Parliament encouraged fanatical parties such as the Scottish Nationals Party (SNP) to keep pressing for so-called independence. The establishment of the Scottish Parliament opened a can of worms that is now effectively impossible to seal back up again.

But what does this have to do with cancelling the UK's culture? The formation of the Scottish Parliament served as driving a wedge in the union, as did the establishment of the Welsh Assembly. They went a long way in cancelling the British "United" Kingdom.

The Right Honourable MP and First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon proudly holding a sign welcoming Refugees to Scotland. She claims that Scotland has room for refugees, asylum seekers and presumably other illegal immigrants - just so long as they don't live in her gated community.

And again, in case you missed it first time around.

The Labour Party

The Labour Party exists on the left of centre in British politics. They believe in socialism. They used to be for the working-class man. But then the world moved on and became yuppie-fied and so New Labour was formed to tempt the middle-class man, and what I refer to as Blair's Animal Farm politics. After Blair's and Brown's own mass-migration agenda, the Labour Party today of the 21st century exists for the immigrant-class man. Today, the Labour Party has nothing to do with hard labour and should cut to the chase and rename itself the Immigrant Party.

It is now a well-known fact that Blair is on record as stating he "wanted to open up the UK to migration". He and his party would sell this to the people as a way of enriching the UK and building a more "diverse" and "multi-cultural" country but we see it never pans out like that. Indeed, history always informs us that multi-culturalism equals segregation. Look throughout the world and you'll see the White Americans having little to do with the Mexicans and native Indians. American cities mapped with colour for White and Black communities see two separate cultures living side by side but apart from one another. White Australians live apart from the aborigines. British Muslims create their own communities such as Savile in Yorkshire and want nothing to do with the indigenous British Whites.

Again, I hear you asking what has all this to do with cancelling culture? The ultimate goal of far left Labour fanatics such as Blair, Brown and others is to dismantle the private education system, tear down Eton, Oxford and Cambridge universities, put an end to private healthcare, tax the rich to death to force them to vacate their country homes and strip them of their land so they can build Council homes on it, and so on and so forth. A total and complete removal of the British establishment. And what better way than mass-migration. Shatter the centuries old establishment with Muslims from Pakistan and the Middle East, East Europeans and anyone else who's willing to migrate to the UK to help erode its culture.

This is why people like Blair are great fans of the EU, not because of the Common Market, and so on but because it facilitates the cancelling of the British way of life.

Let's look at some facts:

Edward Colston statue toppled in Bristol City Council. The 2016 mayoral election saw Labour's Marvin Rees elected.

Robert Milligan statue removed in West India Docks in London. Mayor of London at the time Labour's Sadiq Khan.

Thomas Picton statue removed at Cardiff's City Hall. Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Labour Councilor Daniel De'Ath

Tell me if you notice a pattern ...

Marvin Rees - Labour

Sadiq Khan - Labour

Daniel De'Ath - Labour

For me, Corbyn is the quintessential far-left fanatic and a true communist hell bent on wrecking the British establishment. Commi Corbyn's 2019 General Election manifesto was truly terrifying as it laid out a mass-socialist agenda to send the UK back into a 1970s Dark Ages of nationalised railways and utility companies. A world in which capitalism would be unpicked and everyone would walk around in boiler-suites, donning a flat cap and calling each other brother or comrade.

The EU Fascist Block

The EU is many things but it possesses two key weapons to facilitate the dismantling of European countries such the UK. Firstly, is the handing over of around £15billion each year into the Brussels EU bank account. When the penny drops and you see this for what it is, it is a form of European Foreign Aid. Up until the Department for International Development was merged into the Foreign Office in 2020, the UK was giving away around £15billion per year (£476/second) to countries such as Africa, India, etc but predominantly to Africa. Over two decades this amounts to literally hundreds of £billions that is used to help build up other nation economies at the expense of the British economy and way of life. It's a similar objective with the EU. Before the UK managed to escape the clutches of the EU Fascists it was handing over around the same amount of cash of around £15billion each year (£476/second) into the EU fund. The UK saw a small return each year of a couple of £billion but the UK was for decades a net contributor and was annually milked to help strengthen the economies of other member countries. One thing this annual handout certainly did was help erode Britain's place in the world.

Secondly, the real culture canceller is the EU's free movement of people. This is why people such as Blair, Brexit-Remoaners and Labour far-left fanatics moaned for so long and so loud about the UK's exit from the EU Fascist Block because deep down they knew that free-movement was the ultimate weapon in destroying British nationalism, and in turn cancelling Britain's culture. Rather than having a VISA process in which a country can decide who it wants to bring into its country, have a system in which anyone and everyone can enter. And not just the type of person but equally important the number of people. The EU does not permit the capping of migrants and so rather than the UK restricting the number of immigrants to, say, 200,000 per year the UK was faced with more than two decades of uncontrolled immigration running at around 550,000 per year. And not immigrants selected because they were brain surgeons, rocket scientists or software developers but crop pickers, toilet cleaners, people who made their way from Romania and then sat outside Morrisons supermarket selling the Big Issue. Not well educated, wealthy people who could make a significant contribution to the British economy and way of life but people who instead looked to Britain as a place of social welfare and free handouts. Not all unskilled immigrants to the UK hold such views, but many do. They don't want to relocate to Savile in Yorkshire and adopt the British way of life but instead want to continue speaking their native language, wearing their foreign clothes and want rid of the British way of life because even though they migrated to Britain detest the British way of way and culture.

Take a good look at London and see the White indigenous person is now the minority. The 2011 Census shows the indigenous British person is now the minority forming around 44% of London's population. I'm confident that when the 2021 Census data is published the White British Londoner will make up around 30% of the city's population. To use a word that many don't like - London's indigenous White British person and way of life has well and truly been replaced. To read further about replacement migration across the EU and in the UK refer to Replacement Migration.

Paris - once the city of romance and love. Now, a human migrant sewer with millions of migrants and illegal immigrants, and at one point housing more than 400,000 living in tents on the streets. This is how the EU's free-movement of people trashes a nation.


The Brexit referendum was held on the 23rd of June 2016 and the British electorate voted to exit the EU Fascist Block once and for all. The Remonaers (as they came to be affectionately known) were still arguing the toss of the UK exiting the EU 3.5 years later in January 2020 when the nail was finally driven home in their coffin when it was made legally binding that the UK would exit the non-democratic EU Fascist Block. There are people such as AC Grayling who are still arguing for the UK to re-enter the EU and will presumably continue to moan this minority view until the day he dies.

Brexit was different things to different people but one view about the UK detaching itself from the EU was the ability to hold onto its culture and way of life and not to be lost in a wash of EU harmonisation, multi-national corporations and replacement of centuries old culture with shopping malls that are all the same whether you happen to be in Europe or the rest of the world.

As long as the UK remained a member of the EU, its culture would have been steadily eroded away until it became indistinguishable from the rest of the EU's mainland. Personally, I am not against Europe and all its centuries old separate cultures and languages but I am dead against the EU for its relentless dogmatic desire to wipe all of this off the face of the Earth in a single person's lifetime.

Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP party campaigning to stop a vote by the very people they serve. The "Stop Brexit" has to go down in British history as one of the most anti-democratic stances by people who call themselves democratic and are elected into positions to uphold democracy and the will of the people.

Illegal Immigrants - Asylum Seekers - Refugees - Not Welcome

The article Illegal Immigrants - The Invasion highlights the problem the UK faced in 2020 by the steady erosion of the British way of life due to the mass influx of illegal immigrants into the country. As of 2020 there were an estimated 1.2 million illegal immigrants hiding out in the UK. All draining the NHS but never contributing to it. In addition to thousands living in State provided detention centres, over 48,000 were living in private houses and hotels - over 29 hotels signed over for their bed and board. As they say - you could not make it up!

As the Devil finds work for idle hands, many descend into crime, drugs and prostitution. Many rape and abuse Britain's own people, and still the UKGov does its best to hide and keep secret the truth of asylum-seeker gang rapists. And still the left-wing socialists hold up their signs saying "Refugees Welcome", "I Welcome Refugees", "Migrants and Refugees Welcome", ...

Those on the far-left would allow more illegal immigrants into the country, and would even go so far as not even detain them but argue that the UK should be borderless. They would process more asylum-seekers and refugees, and the true far-left fanatics would go even further and place advertisements on park benches in Africa inviting those with no prospects to make their way to the UK. What better way to destroy the British establishment and in so doing help make the UK another world shit hole. You may think I'm exaggerating and ranting away, but I am not. For what does an illegal immigrant arriving in a dinghy who made the crossing over the Channel have to offer the UK? If he or she [and they are mainly male] had any true worth then they would have stayed put in their own native country. Whatever the political elite and their mainstream media say, the majority of illegal immigrants can't speak English, have not been to school, have no skill of value such as an electrician, software programmer etc. They are penniless and depend on State handouts. Also, it must be said that by many British people and probably the majority - they are in fact not welcome. They are not welcome because deep down they have nothing to offer and little to add apart from cancelling the British way of life.

Members of the illegal immigrants - asylum seekers - refugees living it up in 2020 in one of the 50+ hotels signed over to them. Free bed and board in a hotel that others and business men and women would pay £100s to stay. Free food. Free WIFI. Free laundry service [yes, that's right]. No Council Tax to pay. £38/week tax free spending money on a debit card provided by UKGov. Oh - the list of benefits is endless. And still they moan!

For a complete list of hotels refer to Illegal Immigrant Hotels.

For a list of hotels used to house illegals since 2005 refer to Illegal immigrants in Hotels - A Trackrecord.

A Rottenness Within

The photograph below shows the mug-shots of the Rochdale Muslim rape gang, who in 2012 were convicted of a catalogue of sex offences against girls as young as 12. Following their conviction 8 judges upheld rulings that all 4 – who each have dual UK-Pakistani citizenship – should lose their UK citizenship rights. However, since then and 8 years on none of the 4 appear to have been deported or be facing deportation. How can that be? Because the UK legal system has crawled so far up its own ass in liberalism and political correctness that in some cases it places the "rights" of criminals before the rights of the innocent, vulnerable and young. In the article Blocking Deportation we discuss further the blocking of illegals, asylums-seekers, refugees and convicted foreign nationals by a well-funded and well-organisation far-left group of people actively working against their own citizens in having dangerous foreigners deported.

The UK now has around 1,000 charities that are funded by both the UK government [British taxpayer] and British citizen that are assisting immigrants into the UK. The charities are wide ranging and extend from providing housing , food and clothing, education, legal defence and even extend to placing immigrants in the houses of British citizens. These are discussed in more detail in British Charities Assisting the Replacement Migration.

Members of the Rochdale Muslim rape gang of monsters convicted in 2012 of a catalogue of sex offences against girls as young as 12.

BLM / Antifa

June 2020 saw the BLM movement raise its ugly head following the death of George Floyd while under police custody. A few months on, looking back at how the BLM protests riots kicked off I'm convinced they were ready and waiting for a Black death - any Black death - in which to exploit. With the CV-19 outbreak still very much present and the requirement to wear face masks and talk of a New World Order, what better time to exploit. I'm sure they knew that May/June 2020 was the perfect opportunity in which to propel themselves into the media's attention and public eye. Prior to Floyd's death, they must have worked hard in securing funding and getting ready their little armies of warriors across the US and throughout the world, ready for their moment. All they then had to do was sit and wait for a Black man to die in police custody, hopefully a death that was recorded so as to add fuel to their cause. And along came George Floyd's death. If you're going to choose a martyr then make sure they are squeaky clean, but in Floyd's case they couldn't be so picky. The fact he was a professional bum, convicted criminal for the armed robbery of an innocent woman, a drug user and supplier, and other offences all didn't matter because the moment was more important than the man.

From the start, the BLM movement tried to make Floyd's death a race issue, but it was never about race and always about an anti-establishment agenda. Anyone who has followed BLM prior to June 2020 knew what they are about, as beautifully summed up the Spectator article What ‘Black Lives Matter’ really stands for. They are for dismantling capitalism, abolishing prisons so their crimes go unpunished, abolishing the police and just about everything else they don't like so that society descends into a state of chaos and anarchy. The subsequent violent riots by the BLM-lot showed all their true agenda. If anyone truly believes that BLM are about eliminating racism, Black-rights and removing modern-day slavery then they are truly naive to what is actually going on.

I first spotted what the BLM mob in the UK were all about during the London protests riots when they vandalised the war memorial. I remember saying to myself "Hold on a minute!". Why would a group fighting for Black rights be vandalising a sacred cenotaph that stands as a reminder to all those of all races who lost their lives fighting for the UK. These fallen men and women weren't just White but from all countries and races around the world. When the BLM-lot defaced the war memorial they made a massive mistake because on that day they exposed themselves as the anti-establishment mob they really are.

On the 7th of June 2020, the UK then witnessed Edward Colston's statue being illegally torn down, booted down the street and ultimately kicked into the docks. In its place was left a graffiti-ed mess. The removal of Colston's statue had nothing to do with the removal of slavery because if it did then the BLM mob and their followers would focus on abolishing slavery in the Muslim-owned clothing factories of Leicester and work at putting a stop to the Black slaves being traded in the Middle East, today - not 200 years ago but today in the 21st century. But this is the key to the BLM agenda since they are more concerned with removing lumps of stone and bronze that quite happily stood for hundreds of years. Why target such objects? Firstly, and foremost they are easy - literally static - targets and much easier to focus on than real modern-day slavery. But secondly and far more important is that they are symbols of the British establishment. They want all such reminders removed, roads and buildings renamed, churches burnt down, and so on and so forth. They want all removed that is a reminder of the British way of life and culture. They want to cancel British culture once and for all. They will not stop until they have pulled down all the statues, renamed the roads and buildings, burnt the books they believe are racist (whatever that means), "diversified" the media, the workplace and penetrated every household with their white-guilt. Yes, never underestimate your enemy and always understand your enemy better than yourself.

BLM - the Great Unwashed mob. They adhere to a doctrine that says if you don't like something then graffiti it, tear it down and throw it in a dock. An approach of fuck the law and the will of the majority. An ignorant cocksure rabble that haven't lived but believe they know it all.

Biased Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

The BBC are supposed to be unbiased in all aspects of their editorial content but for over two decades have proved themselves to a far-left organisation. They are no longer a broadcasting corporation but a propaganda organisation.

The BBC's Charter and Framework Agreement states in section 3.1:

"3. The independence of the BBC (1) The BBC must be independent in all matters concerning the fulfilment of its Mission and the promotion of the Public Purposes, particularly as regards editorial and creative decisions, the times and manner in which its output and services are supplied, and in the management of its affairs."

Both in the run up to and after the June 2016 Brexit referendum the BBC showed its true colours in just what a biased and anti-British organisation it has now become. Analysis of BBC News content revealed that they published only 3% pro-Brexit material, whereas according to their own Charter this should have been 50%.

They showed their bias yet again when covering the BLM protests riots. Below is a screenshot of a news item they released which sates that 27 police officers were injured but it was a "largely peaceful anti-racism protest". The bias is so blatant it is hard to comprehend and they must think people are stupid.

The BBC Charter was last renewed in December 2016 and runs to December 2026. If I had my way I would invalidate their Charter immediately and close them down for breaking their contract with the government and people. But I'm confident they'll keep milking the British taxpayer for their anti-British left-wing agenda until 2026. I would also place their future in the hands of the people who fund them and have a referendum as to whether to keep or abolish this biased and racist organisation. If such a referendum was held, they would be annihilated.

Incidentally, the best way to abolish this biased organisation is to defund them. I cancelled my license over 3 years ago and never missed watching live television. Television today is trash and not worth the £157+ tax each year that is consumed by a 2 channel organisation that is determined to cancel the British establishment, culture and way of life.

UKGov and Its Communist Underbelly

It has been evident for some time that UKGov has within its walls a communist underbelly. This really became noticeable after the 2016 Brexit referendum. It was clear for all to see that a coup of parliament had taken place and those that usually reside in the shadows of government had to expose themselves in order to "Stop Brexit".

I was greatly encouraged when I read the following August article in the Critic magazine that others had identified this BLM/Antifa communist underbelly in UKGov:

The BLM takeover of Whitehall, The Critic, 18th of August 2020.

The article reminds us of the The Civil Service code, which outlines a code that civil servants must abide when carrying out their duties. One of the values is impartiality:

"‘impartiality’ is acting solely according to the merits of the case and serving equally well governments of different political persuasions"

As the Critic article points out, many Whitehall civil servants have become partisans of “Critical Race Theory” and its radical tenets about “systemic racism”, “White privilege” and “White fragility”. They have adopted this left wing ideology, promoted it, and are now institutionalising it throughout the civil service, root and branch, using new internal organisations such as “Project Race” and the “Race Ambassadors Network”. The article lists numerous tweets made by civil servants supporting the BLM movement and using the BLM hashtag is correspondence. We discussed above the communist agenda of BLM to dismantle capitalism, defund the police, abolish the prison system and destroy the traditional family unit. Any civil servant publicly advocating such values should be struck off in an instant.

On the 23rd of August The Telegraph reported how taxpayer-funded public servants working at the British Library should be educated in their support for both Labour and BLM:

British Library should lose taxpayer funding over support for BLM and Labour, say MPs, The Telegraph, 23rd of August 2020.

White staff [just White staff] were told to educate themselves about privilege and read Marxist authors.

Maybe now you better understand why UKGov, its police force and legal arm turn a blind eye to the violent and illegal actions of the BLM but comes down heavy on any opposing political view.


The far-left have always had an agenda of dismantling the British establishment and what people today would refer to as cancelling the British way of life. People who are born and brought up in Britain but for some unexplainable reason resent the very country in which they are born, live and work and die in. People like those who work for the rag that is the The Guardian newspaper; a predominantly Oxbridge type that while studying at either Oxford or Cambridge universities develop a chip on their shoulder and then make their way to The Guardian to help pull apart Britishness. People like Commi Corbyn who want to become Prime Minister of Great Britain but would use the top job to destroy the country's heritage. War criminals like Tony Blair who also attend university, have private healthcare plans and sent his children to private schools but while in office did his utmost to rip apart the entire system. Even after stepping down from being Prime Minister he worked with the EU Fascists to in anyway possible prevent Brexit. People like Alec Salmond and clone Nicola Sturgeon who are hell bent on so-called "independence" and trashing the union at any price, even if it there is no economic case and it will mean increased poverty for "her" own Scottish people. And mobs like the BLM and Antifa communists who'll stop at nothing to tear down every statue, monument and reminder of the UK's imperialist past even though it is an integral part of their own family's history. The far-left is an ever-present strange creature that exists within the UK that for some bizarre reason wants to self-consume itself.