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The Politicising of Sport

July 2020

One of the great things about disciplines such as sport, music and the arts is how they stay clear of politics - well, most of the time. Sports people from all nations and races can line up on an athletics track, swimming pool or race track and compete against each other as individuals. When politics enters sport it loses some of its magic, and when people allow this to happen they are either morally corrupt or stupid. Just as the price of freedom is eternal vigilance from political corruption, so too do people need to continually be on their guard against the political corruption of sports, music and the arts.

Following the BLM protests riots we saw racing driver Lewis Hamilton take up what he believed was a noble cause in polluting sport with the BLM agenda.

The photograph above shows F1 drivers "taking the knee" before a race as a sign of their support for the BLM agenda. It is worth noting that not all drivers felt they had to do this, and good on them for having the courage of their convictions for refusing to be pressured into being seen to go along with the herd. The photograph below is of the leader of this pack, Lewis Hamilton, raising his right arm and "clenching a fist" at a sporting venue.

That's a clenched fist at a sporting venue!

Hamilton wasn't happy that every driver refused to "take the knee" with only 11 out of the 20 drivers joining Hamilton in performing the aggressive clenched fist gesture ahead of Sunday’s Styrian Grand Prix. And so, Hamilton made it known that he'd be having a few words with them for the next race meeting.

Lewis Hamilton hoping to unite the grid and persuade all drivers to take the knee in upcoming grands prix, The Telegraph, 13th of July 2020

He is on record as stating:

"We had the drivers’ briefing on Friday, and afterwards we all stayed on and debated whether to take a knee again ... I said I am going to continue to do it. ... After the Zoom call, I tried to spend one-on-one ..."

What gives a sports person the right to use their platform to corrupt sport? Who do people such as Lewis Hamilton think they are? A race track is not the House of Commons or a Court of Law. A race track is for racing cars fast and not bullying fellow drivers into showing their support for a bullshit BLM Marxist/Communist anti-establishment movement.

In July 2020, if you paid a visit to Lewis Hamilton's Twitter page you'd see him using the following image as his bio image:

Not an image of himself or his teams's car but of a clenched fist. Incidentally, what I always find amusing about this image is how it is of a White fist - more on that later.

Following the BLM bullshit, Hamilton requested/ordered that his team colours be changed from a mix of grey and green to effectively all black, as shown below. The screenshot below is from a tweet which shows he even got Mercedes to publicly state:

"... a signal of the Team's commitment to fighting racism ..."

But, only colour black was permitted and the colour white was most certainly out of the question.

Next, came the repainting of his helmet. Below is another image extracted from his Twitter account, stopped at a point in which he is proudly showing off the addition of the BLM clenched fist to his helmet.

And, finally, the black-ifying of his suit. Again, only colour black would do. Click on any of the images to follow them to his Twitter account if you want to read the bullshit written, and watch him posing with his shirt removed.

This black-only colour is hilarious in its childishness. It's akin with the rivalry between Scottish football clubs of Rangers and Celtic and underlying sectarian hatred between the two sets of fans. Rangers are only permitted to wear the colour blue, while Celtic fans are only permitted to wear the colour green.

It's the same with Hamilton's rebranding of his car, helmet and suit. So petty and downright racist, that the colour white is banned by all BLM supporters. He, like his fellow BLM members, have made the wearing of the colours of black and white into a racial issue.

Hamilton's "talking to" fellow drivers and the F1 committee worked a treat for the 19th of July 2020 post-race fiasco. The drivers were seen rushing out to the podiums just before the national anthems started leaving the mugs "taking the knee" having just 5 seconds for their crouching posture of contemplation to all things Black. True to form, Hamilton mouthed-off to the Press how he wasn't a happy bunny with his fellow drivers and the event organisers. For some bizarre reason he's turned F1 more into more of a discussion about Black-ness than racing.

'They have got to do a BETTER job': Lewis Hamilton hits out at F1 chiefs as drivers are rushed through taking the knee before Hungarian GP... and six-time champion accuses the sport of not giving drivers platform to protest, Daily Mail, 19th of July 2020.

Hamilton has got fellow sportsmen to raise "a clenched fist" and "take the knee" at sporting venues.

Hamilton has publicly stated that he has bullied other drivers into following his own actions, whether they like it or not.

Hamilton has re-branded the race team colours of car, helmet, suit, etc to ones in which the only acceptable predominant colour is black.

Hamilton has politicised and corrupted sport.

Let's conclude by seeing Hamilton's clenched fist logo in action at the BLM protests riots in London in June 2020.

Intolerant Hamilton

When I wrote the above I never imagined it would be the start of a long running saga, but that's what Hamilton turned the June 2020 BLM riots into. Weeks later he was still pressuring both the F1 federation and fellow drivers into showing their public support for the BLM movement. It sums up the pigheaded nature of the man, and so let's continue to track this madness of damaging motor sport.

Both Mario Andretti and Jackie Stewart commented on Hamilton's politicising of sport. Let's hear what they had to say before listing to Hamilton's rant; 'This is plain ignorance': Lewis Hamilton slams former world champions Sir Jackie Stewart and Mario Andretti after he was branded a 'militant' for his anti-racism campaign and calls for them to 'educate' themselves.

First Andretti:

"I have a lot of respect for Lewis, but why become a militant? He's always been accepted and he's earned everyone's respect. I think the whole point of this is pretentious. I feel that way. And it's creating a problem that doesn't exist."

Now, Stewart:

"I think Lewis has been a great example to lots of people. He's quite vocal about these elements, I don't think there's as big a problem as there might seem. There is no resistance for change if someone is clever and good at what they do. They will be accepted in Formula 1."

On Andretti, Hamilton replied:

"This is disappointing but unfortunately a reality that some of the older generation who still have a voice today cannot get out of their own way and acknowledge there is a problem. Again, this is plain ignorance but that will not stop me from continuing to push for change. It is never too late to learn and I hope that this man who I've always had respect for can take the time to educate himself."

On Stewart, Hamilton replied:

"Again, another one. Just disappointing."

The arrogant shit!

Following the cockup on Sunday the 19th of July's Hungarian race he berated both the F1 association and fellow drivers when he criticised them for [Lewis Hamilton says Formula One must act to stop teams idling against racism]:

  • The disorganised way the pre-race gesture against racism had been handled in Budapest.

  • How some drivers did not attend, some were late, others did not wear the “End Racism” T-shirts.

  • The BLM moment of worship of "taking the knee" and "clenching the fist" were rushed and shambolic.

Hamilton is more than proving himself to be an intolerant moaner, and previously should have worked with the Brexit Remoaners - he'd have done a great job for them.

He's Not Going to Call It a Day

While collecting a trophy on Sunday the 13th of September, Hamilton wore a T-shirt (colour black of course) with the words "Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor".

The T-shirt was making reference to emergency medical technician Breonna Taylor, 26, who was shot dead by Louisville Metro Police in Kentucky on March 13. Officers attended her apartment that night after securing a court-approved warrant as part of a drugs investigation that allowed officers to enter her home without any prior warning.

I found the following Daily Mail article amusing:

'He crossed a line': Lewis Hamilton faces official probe for wearing 'political' t-shirt calling for ARREST of police over the shooting death of a black woman in Kentucky as he celebrated winning the Tuscan Grand Prix, Daily Mail, 13th of September 2020.

because it stated that Hamilton had "crossed a line" by wearing a "political" T-shirt. For goodness sake! He crossed a line as soon as began politicising sport by involving BLM.

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