The Removal of French Christian Churches by Muslims

The Removal of French Christian Churches by Muslims

July 2020

It is estimated there have been more than 400 acts of vandalism on Christian churches across France over the past 4 years. This is beyond coincidence for a number of reasons. First, some of these churches have stood for over 800 years and yet it is only relatively recently that they seem to be catching fire or vandalised. Second, all the places of worship are Christian churches and not mosques. Third, churches are predominantly made of stone and empty structures, and are in fact difficult to catch fire naturally. Fourth, the fires and vandalism in churches across France coincides with the mass influx of Muslim migrants into the country.

Many people started to wake up to what's been going on in July 2020 when the Nantes Cathedral caught fire in the early hours of Saturday morning on the 18th of July 2020. The St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral is 15th-century and had a 17th-century Girardet pipe organ and original 16th-century stained-glass windows. But that meant nothing to those wanting the cathedral burnt down.


"The great organ has been completely wiped out and the console of the choir organ and the adjoining wooden stalls have disappeared in the smoke"

Fr. François Renaud

The following day on the 19th of July it was reported that a Rwandan migrant had been detained for the suspected arson attack, African Migrant Detained After Fire Guts Nantes Cathedral. By the 26th of July, he admitted to starting the fire to destroy the cathedral.

A list of some of the French churches to be set on fire and vandalised:

It is not just fires, but acts of vandalism to Christian artefacts.

Damage to a statue of Jesus

Graffiti on a statue of Jesus

I'm an atheist and as a result any form of religious place of worship and artifacts mean little to me, whether they be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or any other of the thousands of religious beliefs. However, I do not go around damaging them and trying to burn down places of worship. Because, although I may not be religious I believe strongly in a thing called The Law. The law is not perfect and has a whole set of its own issues but it is the best we have and better than any religious belief system I know of. I do not believe in religion myself but that does not mean I want to see the removal of all things religious. Aside from the religious aspect, many of these old churches, statues, organs, etc are works of art in their own right and are priceless. Even if a person is an atheist such as myself, I can still admire the architecture of the buildings, stained glass windows, and so on. Also, even though I do not subscribe and practice to a religious belief myself that does not imply I want others to stop practicing and believing. Such an attitude would be ignorant and intolerant for the freedom of expression of others.

It speaks volumes that many Muslims do not hold such a view as that of my own. Instead, they are determined to destroy anything that is not Muslim. These intolerant and ignorant people are indeed a serious danger to Western civilisation.