The Strange Case of Asylum Seeker Badreddin

The Strange Case of Asylum Seeker Badreddin

July 2020

On the 26th of June 2020, Badreddin Abadlla Adam Bosh was shot dead by Scottish Police after stabbing 6 innocent people, one of which was a police officer. Fortunately none of these 6 died but without doubt they will be left with serious injuries and probably scared for life.

Badreddin was an "asylum seeker" who apparently lost some family relatives [uncles] in the 2003 Darfur genocide. Being born in 1992 he was 11 years old at the time. 14 years later - yes, 14 years later - he left Sudan in 2017 and made his way first to Libya, then Italy, then France and then Germany. In February 2020 he arrived in Glasgow. In March he was relocated from a detention centre into the Park Inn hotel in Glasgow city centre. 3 months later he was shot dead. This is all documented in the following article:

Glasgow stabbings: Inside Sudanese home of attacker Badreddin Abadlla Adam as family say he was desperate to return, The Sun, 19th of July 2020.

It is clear that he left his home in Sudan in 2017, headed north and gradually worked his way to the UK. Was all of this migration legal? Who knows, but my guess is that it was not.

His older brother stated:

“He left here because of the situation in the house and the hardship of living. I tried to convince him to continue school but he refused and said he wanted to go to Europe to help the family.”

That's the first strange thing. His own brother tried to convince him to complete his school education. Where is the asylum case if his own brother thought it was safe for him to stay on at home?

If there was such a strong case for asylum why weren't his entire family migrating, and why not 17 years earlier in 2003?

We then learn that he was sending money back to his family in Sudan. Hold on a minute! Who exactly is seeking asylum here? UKGov already hands over £15billion / year or £476 / second in Foreign Aid, so where is the case for "asylum seekers" to also send over money back to Africa?

But here's the classic! His own family were desperate for him to return home after he became unsettled in the Park Inn hotel. What the fuck! Where is the case for asylum if his own family want him back in Sudan?

You could not make it up! And only in socialist MugUK could this be allowed to happen.

Asylum Seeker

Let's now have a definition of asylum seeker, and afterwards judge for yourself if Badreddin had a case. An asylum seeker is a person who flees their home country because of war or other factors harming them or their family, enters another country and applies for asylum, that is international protection. A person is officially made a refugee when they have their claim for asylum accepted by the government.

There are genuine political asylum seekers, but the vast majority are young single males who are nothing more than illegal immigrants making their way to a country where they either believe or have been conned that gold apples grow on trees; so-called economic migrants. The vast majority of illegal immigrants seeking asylum and refugee status in the UK have in fact no legal case; refer to Crossing the Channel in a Dinghy - No Asylum Case.

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