No Stomach for Imprisoning Criminals

UK - the Nation that No Longer has a Stomach for Imprisoning Criminals

July 2020

The prison population of England & Wales quadrupled in size between 1900 and 2018, with around half of this increase taking place since 1990. In 2020 there were approximately 88,000 prisoners in the UK.

UK Prison Population Statistics, Number CBP-04334, 3 July 2020.

The doubling in prison population since the 1990s is no coincidence that this corresponds with Labour's mass-migration programme starting with the Blair government onwards from 1997 through to 2010. A doubling of prison numbers in the space of 20 years, which witnessed an increase in population from 58 million in 1997 to 68 million in 2020. An increase in population of 10 million or 17% but a doubling in the number of prisoners! In England and Wales alone, between June 1993 and June 2012 the prison population more than doubled increasing by 41,800 prisoners to over 86,000. Even though there is a known direct link between mass-migration and prison population there are groups that argue for the UK to continue its population expansion by importing foreign citizens whether it be by the EU lovers free-movement or the asylum-seeker-refugee-illegal immigrant fans.

Clearly, the rise in prison numbers follows a doubling in crime since the UK opened its gate to mass-migration. We are all more than aware of this rise in crime being reported on a daily basis in both the mainstream and social media outlets. The problem is that UKGov no longer has a stomach for incarcerating criminals because the last 30 years has not seen a doubling of prisons. By not doubling the prison capacity inline with the growing number of crimes being committed, UKGov and its legal arm have been left with a problem of what to do with the growing number of criminals. Instead, UKGov has tried to be creative by way of placing sex offenders on sex registers, tagging offenders and handing out community service orders instead of detention.

There is more than enough money to build new prisons. We know this because UKGov gives away £15billion/year or £476/second in Foreign Aid, UKGov could realise £330billion in debt for the COVID-19 "pandemic", £billions for bullshit initiatives such as the HS2 train, etc. The money could be found to be build new prisons, but the will is no longer there. UKGov no longer has a stomach for locking people up and instead believes in trying to rehabilitate the criminal element of society, when all along the decent non-criminal majority don't want them rehabilitated but removed from society. We - the majority - don't want paedophiles rehabilitated - we want them removed! The 99% don't want these 1% of weirdos walking the streets. The 99% want these degenerates removed from the streets.

A technique we are all too aware of is the "2+2=5" rule of sentencing. In what other walk of life are you aware of a system in which 12 equals 6? The UK legal system is unique in its ability to sentence a convicted criminal to 12 years in prison, and even as the judge reads out the sentence everyone in the country knows that the served sentence will be halved in the majority of cases. One of the most stupid aspects of the UK justice system that favours the guilty rather than the victims of crime. When a judge says "You are going down for 12 years" it should mean that is the minimum sentence served and not the maximum. A prisoner should not get time off for "good behaviour" but instead not have their sentence extended for bad behaviour.

Another technique that UKGov and its legal system implement to keep criminals out of prisons is through their own Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) simply not forwarding cases through to the court system. They defend this process by way of arguing there is insufficient evidence but in reality in serves as fitting the allocated budget and minimising the numbers in prison. A legal system that favours the guilty rather than the innocent. Fantastic claims - I hear you say. Let's look at some statistics via a UKGov report Crime outcomes in England and Wales 2019 to 2020 published in July 2020, and summarised in the BBC article Knife crime in England and Wales at record high, figures show. Some facts:

  • The proportion of crimes in England and Wales that are solved has fallen to a new record low.

  • Just 7% of offences led to a suspect being charged or ordered to appear in court. In actual numbers this equated to 33,460 fewer offences leading to a charge or court summons than the previous year.

  • Just 3.2% of sexual offences led to charges.

  • Only 1.4% of rape offences resulted in a prosecution.

The Home Office's own Mission Statement is bullshit:

"The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure."

Judge Admits Taking Huge Risk by Not Sending Thsharif Ali to Prison

The photograph below is of Thsharif Ali who kicked a woman in the head while she was on the floor. The victim feared for her life as he unleashed a vicious attack on her.

Judge Avik Mukherjee sentenced Ali to 16 months in prison but suspended the term for 2 years after noting that a probation officer had concluded there was a 'realistic prospect of rehabilitation' as well as the tighter restrictions on prisons currently and the heightened risk of catching COVID-19. So, prisoners are no longr sent to prison when there's a bad dose of the flu going round.

Judge Mukherjee continued: "I don't see a great deal of remorse. Pleading guilty isn't a sign of remorse but it is some ways towards it. Nothing else you have done has indicated any remorse. I am taking a big risk, a huge risk.". The judge just can't bring himself to lock Ali up and even admits hat he is "taking a high risk" not to himself but to the safety of innocent members of the public.

Judge Mukherjee then relapsed and stated "These were appalling offences. This was a disgraceful outburst of drunken violence that thoroughly warrants a custodial sentence." but still just couldn't bring himself to apply the law and have this violent man imprisoned. He went further by saying "I don't think you are up to it. I think you will breach this order. I am going to give you one chance. It will be your first and only chance you get from me. If you put a foot wrong in the next two years we will meet again."

The judge even stated that he believe Ali would "I think you will breach this order." but still couldn't incarcerate the man. What does it take!!

Header Image

If you are curious as to the photograph used in the header it is of Adil Rashid, who in 2013 was spared a prison sentence for having sex with a 13 year old girl, Muslim abuser who 'didn't know' that sex with a girl of 13 was illegal is spared jail.

Judge Michael Stokes of Nottingham Crown Court stated:

"Rashid was passive and lacking assertiveness and sending him to jail might cause him more damage than good"

You couldn't make it up!