Cancelling British Culture

Cancelling British Culture

August 2020

We've all heard of Rudyard Kipling 's famous saying "Lest we Forget". It is typically used to remind us to never forget the horrors of the past such as WWI and WWII. History and a nation's past are what shape it. WWI and WWII happened and all the 1984 BigBrother rewriting of history in the world will not change the fact that those events happened. It is often said that we are nothing without our history and our past. Without you parents, grandparents, and so on - who are you?

And yet, when it comes to certain aspects of Britain's past there are those that want it removed, deleted and cancelled. Funny how the very same people want to apply "Lest we Forget" to WWI, WWII, the Nazis, Jewish persecution, slavery, etc but want to cancel other parts of history that doesn't suit their agenda. Let's assume for a moment that all record of Britain's past is canceled, then how are future generations supposed to learn from it?

No one is really offended by a statue. Having such icons removed is nothing more than an attack on the British way of life from the far-left fanatics who are hell bent on destroying Britain's culture, establishment and standing in the world. Any government body or otherwise that succumbs to this kind of nonsense is simply playing into their lunatic agenda.

In 2020 I started keeping this record of the cancelling of British culture and the British way of life. It is far from complete and simply a record of issues that caught my eye.

Edward Colston's Statue

I discuss the illegal tearing-down of Edward Colston's statue elsewhere in A Place of Worship and Colston's Statue is Still Standing, but clearly it must form part of the list because it served as a catalyst for much of what has followed. Edward Colston's statue in the centre of Bristol was torn down illegally on the 7th of June 2020 by a gang of BLM protesters rioters.

I also discuss elsewhere how the tearing down of Colston's statue and similar structures and artifacts are part of a far-left cancelling of the British way of life by both UKGov and a certain sector of society; refer to The Far-Left Cancelling Culture and The Far-Right Cancelling Agenda.

Hunt for the statue wreckers: Police issue CCTV images of 15 people they want to speak to about the day slaver and philanthropist Edward Colston's statue was toppled and thrown into the dock in Bristol as officers CHOSE not to intervene, Daily Mail, 22nd June 2020.

An excellent collection of photographs of Colston's statue being illegally torn down by a mob. All clearly photographed and videoed, and what was the response of UKGov, its police force and legal arm? It was though they couldn't give a shit.

Let's now have a tweet posted by Labour MP Nadia Whittome on the 7th of June 2020. Yes, a comment by a Labour MP - there's a surprise. The Party hell bent on cancelling the British way of life, establishment and culture and replacing it with effectively a communist State.

I actually lodged a formal complaint against Nadia Whittome with the Parliamentary Standards Committee, but they are in on the act too and did fuck all. The Parliamentary Standards Committee is a bullshit committee that is designed to go round in circles so that no action can be taken against a member of parliament. An MP would have to commit murder for this committee to actually get off its arse and do something.

Look at what see says. She is celebrating an illegal "act of resistance". She is celebrating criminal vandalism. She goes further by inciting violence by stating that the country needs a movement that will tear down systemic racism and other "slave owner statues that symbolise it". She was encouraging others to go out and illegally tear down other statues. She goes even further by stating that what is needed is "to win a government" that will be on the side of such a movement that participates in illegal activities. And for that, the Parliamentary Standards Committee couldn't care less.

Such people are literally a danger to society.

Tweet by MP Nadia Whittome on the 7th of June 2020. The text reads:

"I celebrate these acts of resistance. We need a movement that will tear down systemic racism and the slave owner statues that symbolise it. And we need to win a government that will always be on the side of the movement."

Other Statues

Labour Councils couldn't wait to have other statues removed. Just 2 days after Colston's statue was illegally torn down, on the 9th of June Robert Milligan's statue was removed from West India Docks in East London on the request of London Mayor Sadiq Khan. No consultation with the public about the removal of a statue that had stood for several years, and like some kind of totalitarian dictatorship had the statue removed. Removed by a group of people that agree with the democratic process of voting to elect themselves but overrule such processes when they want something removed.

The photograph below is of Thomas Picton's statue in Cardiff City Hall being boxed up and removed following a vote to have it removed by Labour councilors. Lord Mayor of Cardiff Dan De’Ath stated "I feel incredibly pleased it’s come down".

Thomas Picton statue boarded up at Cardiff's City Hall after councillors voted for removal, Wales Online, 24th of July 2020.

"Labour councilors voted in favour of the memorial to Sir Thomas Picton being removed from City Hall"

At this point we have discussed the removal of Edward Colston's statue in Bristol, Robert Milligan's statue in London and Thomas Picton's statue in Cardiff City Hall. Let's now have a reminder of the 3 mayor's for each city. Anyone would think non-White Labour mayors had an agenda to remove certain aspects of British culture.

Marvin Rees - Labour

Sadiq Khan - Labour

Daniel De'Ath - Labour

The Dog Called Nigger

I have discussed elsewhere - The Dog Called Nigger - the removing of Dambusting dog Nigger's name from his grave stone at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire in July 2020.

I mean - are people so sensitive that the word Nigger is considered so offensive it cannot pass one's lips. As with the pulling down of statues, where do you stop? We see this sort of game being played out by the LGBTQ+ mathematical symbol group in trying to replace male and female sex with gender. This lot want to eliminate entirely the use of the biological terms male and female on the street and when out in public but more than happy to accept the use of such terms when being treated by medical doctors when sex and not gender is the defining classification.

The dog was called Nigger. Maybe such a dog if it existed today wouldn't be called Nigger, but that will never escape the fact that that black Labrador was called Nigger.

English Cathedral Choir

In July 2020 we learnt that the Dean of Sheffield cathedral was breaking a centuries old tradition with its choir in order to bring in a “significant change”. The cathedral’s governing body, the Chapter, decided on “a new model for Anglican choral life here, with a renewed ambition for engagement and inclusion”. In plain English and non-PC Newspeak that is translated to they want to dump the entirely White choir and introduce more Black singers. Why these Nanny State arseholes have to beat about the bush is truly pathetic.

Sheffield cathedral to disband choir to take account of diversity, The Guardian, 23rd of July 2020.

"In a break with centuries of tradition, Sheffield cathedral is to stand down its choir in order to make a “completely fresh start” with a new team of choristers that reflects and engages with an increasingly diverse city. "

Plantation Bar

The Thought Police were really out in force when they hit on this one! Apparently, a group of nutters got together on social media and bullied a hotel into changing the name of its bar from "Plantation Bar". These people have no limits as to how far they will sink.

The £2trillion national debt milestone passed in August 2020, millions facing unemployment, the worst GDP fall in over 300 years and worse than the 1921 Great Depression and 2008/09 financial crash, ... and what do these people want/demand? To have the name of a bar changed. Absolute cretins.

Manchester city centre hotel changes 'ill-advised' bar name following Twitter outcry, Manchester Evening News, 24th of August 2020.

"A city centre hotel has changed the name of its on-site bar following an outcry on social media over the weekend."

Biased Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Proms

In the never ending canceling of the British way of life the Black Professor Kehinde Andrews of Birmingham City University claimed that the two British anthems are 'racist propaganda' and should not be sung at the last night of the Proms. There are numerous people who have also campaigned for years to have the entire anthem removed and not played. And as with the British Museum, I don't understand why they don't campaign for demolishing Royal Albert Hall - I mean, why stop with a song?

I found the following tweet by Cat Lewis, Executive Producer of BBC’s Songs of Praise, amusing and predictable for someone of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. She attempted to make the implicit association between the patriotic British song Rule, Britannia! lyrics "Britons never, never, never shall be slaves" and if neo-Nazis shouted "We will never be forced into a gas chamber”. What sane and rational person would make such a comparison? A slave is very different from a prisoner of war in a concentration camp.

Such BBC employees are like Turkeys voting for Christmas. They are so stupid they can't see the correlation between such statements and hundreds of thousands cancelling their DDs for the pretentious heap of shit that is the BBC.

A tweet on the 25th of August by Cat Lewis, Executive Producer of BBC’s Songs of Praise.

Rule, Britannia! BBC Boss Compares Britons’ Patriotism to Nazi Gas Chambers, Breitbart, 27th of August 2020.

Cat Lewis states in her Twitter Bio that she is a "URC Christian ". Do those Christians who believe in BigG and the Bible ever read Malachi 2-3:

"Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it."

Labour MP Neil Coyle's Twitter rant regarding the BBC cancelling the Proms sing a long was truly something to behold. The Right Honourable resorted to type and drew on the language of a gangster when we wrote:

"I have spent years warning local people that these fat old racists won't stop blaming the EU when their shit hits the fan. Here they come blaming others. Absolute shitbag racist wankers."

The guy's a maniac. The issue was about including the tradition of singing songs such as Rule, Britannia! on the last night of the Proms. Suddenly he confuses this with the EU Fascist Block. He then states "Here they come blaming others" - what? And ends with "Absolute shitbag racist wankers." - that's a new one on me and will try and remember that piece of Shakespeare. And to think, people actually voted for this cretin.

Labour MP Neil Coyle's contribution to the BBC Proms debate:

"I have spent years warning local people that these fat old racists won't stop blaming the EU when their shit hits the fan. Here they come blaming others. Absolute shitbag racist wankers."

Labour MP calls Brexiteers ‘sh*tbag racist w***ers’ over Proms row, The Independent, 27th of August 2020.

It wasn't long before the organisers of Royal Ascot were considering axing Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory from its annual five-day Berkshire gathering.

The British Museum

On the 25th of August 2020 we learnt that the British Museum had taken the decision to move the bust of Sir Hans Sloane from its original pedestal and move it to a display housing "similar" artifacts and then re-labelled him as a ‘slave owner’ - he was just a slave owner, nothing else but just a slave owner. The curator of museum stated:

"The effigy of Sir Hans Sloane will now be housed in a display alongside artifacts that explain his legacy in the ‘exploitative context of the British Empire’"

What I find amusing about such actions is that the entire museum was built from the wealth accumulated from slavery and overseas trade. Why not then bulldoze down the entire museum?

British Museum bosses remove bust of its founder Sir Hans Sloane over his links to slavery, Daily Mail, 25th of August 2020.

Sir Hans Sloane's contribution to the museum extends beyond his own bust. He in fact made a significant contribution to Britain. On his death he bequeathed many of his belongings to the nation, with a large selection of these stocking the British Museum.

So, why aren't all these artefacts labelled "bought with the wealth from slavery"? Why doesn't the British museum auction them off and pass on the raised money to feeding the Third World? Pull the entire museum down and flog off the stone and add the raised money to the annual £15billion Foreign Aid budget. And while you're at it, rip up London's sewers that were laid using such wealth.

Captain Cook: British Museum shows artefacts as part of ‘permanent British occupation’ in Australia, The Daily Telegraph, 31st of August 2020.

The British Museum has been accused of rewriting history and hypocrisy after it re-labelled Aboriginal artifacts collected by Captain Cook as being part of the “permanent British occupation” of Australia.

Once the British Museum got into cow-tailing to the BLM mob there was no stopping them. Next came good old Charles Darwin himself.

Cancelling the father of evolution: Natural History museum will review ‘offensive’ Charles Darwin exhibitions because HMS Beagle’s Galapagos voyage was ‘colonialist’, Daily Mail, 6th of September 2020.

"In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, museum bosses have ordered an audit into certain collections that some staff believe are 'legacies of colonies, slavery and empire'. Rooms, statues and collected items in the museum that could be 'problematic' may be renamed, relabelled, or removed. "


The culture-cancelling weirdos believe that a building such as the Edinburgh University David Hume tower is offensive because of comments he made during his lifetime. David Hume was an 18th century philosopher who died age 65 in 1776. In 2020, David Hume had been dead for 224 years. In case you missed that, that is 224 years ago. But that didn't stop a petition submitted by 2,000 students to have the name of the tower changed. These people are truly pathetic. It's a name for goodness sake - get a sense of reality! And when did a minuscule 2,000 people set the agenda for the majority?

Why not burn all his works? One of Hume's greatest works is A Treatise of Human Nature, which he wrote in 1740, and a piece of work I'm confident none of the students petitioning against the building name could even begin to comprehend. But I'm curious why they don't want all copies of this work burnt and destroyed from data servers. Surely, if they believe the man was racist then shouldn't all his contributions be deleted, or are we simply to cheery pick our way through the world of what is right and what is wrong?