SNP - The Contradiction

SNP - The Contradiction

September 2020

SNP is short for the Scottish National Party and just 1 letter different from the BNP.

You'd think having a name such as the Scottish National Party they'd be for Scotland 100%. However they are in fact a contradiction. I'd go much further and argue that they have in fact duped the Scottish people with their nationalism while in government and sold them down the river.


The SNP are in essence anti-English. If the English government want to be out of the EU, the SNP want to be in. Inversely, if the English government wanted to be in the EU, the SNP would want to be out. You only have to watch the SNP MPs in the House of Commons to understand where they are coming from, and it's not difficult to decode. If the English government adheres to getting students to pay for their university tuition fees, then the SNP will scrap tuition fees. If the English government want an end to the furlough scheme, the SNP want to extend it. If the English say roads are predominant black in colour, the SNP will argue they are more of a greyish colour with strips of white.


All the SNP really care about is what they call independence, without ever accurately defining it. They want to separate from the UK entirely - I think. But whe it comes to a Scottish funded NHS, Armed forces, separate currency, etc they seem a little confused. Even though there is little if any economic case they would still push for so-called independence. The SNP don't care about you, me, Scotland, the UK, fishing rights, etc and just want to detach themselves from the English. If you don't believe this then you don't understand the SNP fanatic.

The 2014 Scottish "independence" referendum vote was more split than Brexit being 45%/55% as opposed to the 49%/51% 2016 Brexit referendum. Like the Brexit vote it was supposedly a "vote of a generation" but straight after the result there was talk about another referendum. Like the EU Fascists badgering a nation's people into voting to join the EU Fascist Block until they vote Yes, the SNP will not rest until they get their Yes vote. If they do one day get their Yes vote for "independence" then like the EU the people will never be asked again to vote on exiting. That's what they think of democracy.

The SNP Want to be a Member State of the EU - Eh?

One of the most bonkers aspects of the SNP is that they want to be independent from the UK but a member of the EU Fascists State. It's the most stupid thing ever. If they want so-called independence then why not entirely independent and separate from the UK and the EU.

Seriously, if the Brexit vote had been inverted and the British and predominantly English people had voted to remain in the EU Fascist Block then the SNP would be arguing to not be part of the EU.

Nicola Sturgeon standing in front of the SNP's "Stop Brexit" coach, with her photograph also on the side of the coach.

A two-fingers to the democratic process of a referendum. And don't believe what they tell you that the Scottish people voted to remain in the EU Fascist Block because the June 206 Brexit referendum was a UK-wide vote and not simply a Scottish referendum.

The SNP's Love of Illegals - Asylums - Refugees

If the SNP truly believed in Scotland and Scottish Nationalism then why do they support the replacement of their own people by illegal immigrants, asylums-seekers and refugees? It is a pure contradiction.

Let me answer my own question: because analysis reveals that immigrants tend to preferentially vote for SNP socialist policy. Of course they do.


The following Scottish government leaflet was distributed to all Scottish homes in August 2020 informing people that foreign nationals would be permitted to vote for Scottish politicians and Scottish policy in the future. The Scottish National Party allowing non-Scottish people to vote on Scottish issues - can there be any greater confusion regarding nationalism?

All those that weren't born yesterday and are not green behind the ears know what this is about. It is an attempt to exploit foreign nationals (particularly those from the EU Fascist Block) living in Scotland to try and help their campaign of getting their beloved "independence" and becoming a member of the EU.

Note also the voting aged was dropped to 16. Statistical analysis reveals that younger people subscribe more in a socialist agenda and one that facilities the replacement of their own people for EU and other nation immigrants. Thus, the SNP government reduced the voting age to catch these potential voters.

A SNP Scottish government leaflet informing the Scottish people that foreign nationals can vote on Scottish matters.

Name one other country that permits that.

Gaelic Signs

Although effectively no one in Scotland speaks Gaelic and few show any interest in the daft language, the SNP used the language as a way of whipping up nationalism because an "independent" nation must surely have its own language. They have gone out of their way to have road and rail signs reprinted to include Gaelic, police vehicles marked with the word "police" also in Gaelic , government literature also published in Gaelic, pressurised and funded the production of BBC television programmes that are entirely delivered in Gaelic with English subtitles, etc, etc, etc. They are nutty.

A road sign in both English and Gaelic. Look at this nonsense. They might as well also include an Arabic translation.

A railway sign in both English and Gaelic. What a waste of ink.

That's a Scottish police vehicle. The first time I saw one of these I thought the writing was in Polish, but nah - it's stupid Gaelic.