The Great British Police Force

The Great British Police Force

September 2020

In 2020, the British police force lost a lot of respect from the British people. We first watched them being subservient to the BLM violent mob at the June riots. We also watched them exhibit a bias towards the BLM rioters in favour non-BLM persons. This was beautifully summed up by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his 14th of June 2020 article in The Telegraph when he referred to the BLM mob simply as the "mob" but referred to patriotic ex-servicemen protecting the memorial as "far-right thugs and bovver boys"; for a more detailed discussion refer to The Far-Right Cancelling Agenda.

We observed the police force arresting people for sunbathing, searching through their shopping bags to confirm people had only purchased "essential" food items. We observed them showing unnecessary aggression and downright bullying when it came to enforcing the wearing of face nappies on public transport.

We observed them harassing peaceful protesters at demonstrations against lockdown and thousands of illegal immigrants entering the UK.

The British police appear to be going out of their way to lose the trust of the people they aim to protect. It is as though they have forgotten the golden rule that they "police by consent". I'm starting to wonder that if one of the senior far-left communists in Whitehall picked up the phone and gave the order to the police to push people into gas chambers, how many officers would do it. How far are they prepared to go?

In 2020, the British police noticeable displayed a left-wing bias. This is very dangerous for the police force as they should always remain neutral. This reflects a far-left communist bias that now exists in the Whitehall civil service. If this bias is allowed to creep out from the civil service into public sector workers then the UK has a real problem on its hands.

Taking the Knee

When did the British police start displaying publicly subservience to a political group, and not just any political group but a violent one? I'm talking about the BLM, who want to defund the police, abolish prisons, end capitalism, and so on:

Revealed: What ‘Black Lives Matter’ really stands for, The Spectator, 24th of June 2020.

I've never seen a police officer kneel to a member of the Labour or Conservative parties, let alone a violent mob. But that is exactly what the British people and whole world witnessed during the BLM riots.

The following is a collection of images from the June 2020 BLM riots. If you are aware of any arrests for assaulting police officers that led to prison convictions at the "peaceful" BLM riots then do let me know.

Get down and kneel.

Get down shep!

And you as well.

Officers up from their knees.

An officer understanding the meaning of the BLM clenched fist.

An officer not taking the knee.

Unjustified Aggression at Dover Protest

A protest was held on Saturday the 5th of September 2020 at Dover against the thousands of illegal immigrants being allowed to enter the UK with zero resistance and then coached off in their hundreds each day to hotels scattered around the UK.

During the protest a man (shown in the left hand image below and wearing an army cap and known by the name of Nobby) was seen to approach a woman (wearing a white top). The man is holding a recording device and is unarmed and showing zero signs of aggression. And for that he is kneed in the back while he is not looking and grappled to the ground by several members of the police. He is then handcuffed and seen to sustain a black eye and cut to his face in the process. He could have also sustained other unknown and possibly internal injuries.

The man who was kneed in the back and grappled to the ground by several police officers. He sustained a black eye and a cut to his face and was then handcuffed.

On Saturday the 5th of September, Twitter and YouTube was a wash with videos of the incident filmed from several different angles; one is included above for the right hand image. I watched all of these videos and it is clear this was a planned assault. Police carry out orders and don't just assault an unarmed man to the ground for no reason. Also, when you watch the video footage closely you see a standard technique applied of a small group of police carry out the assault. The central men target the individual while police either side are ready to prevent others from preventing the assault. It is self-evident that a senior officer gave the order to assault this unarmed man, irrespective of whether the assault would be recorded or not. That is the great British police for you.

Apparently he was later charged under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, which makes it an offence to use “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour” or to display “any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting” within the hearing or sight of a person “likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress". Fine, so he is arrested and charged but why did that require such an aggressive arrest?

Anyone who has watched videos of the BLM rioters at the June 2020 riots will see numerous instance of rioters using “threatening, abusive or insulting words" towards police officers but not a single arrest. Yet another example of a left-wing biased police force.

It was stated on social media that Nobby was arrested at Dover for the use of a loud speaker and using offensive language towards the police. Others who were present at Dover say this is false. Even if this is true let's compare it to the analogous case of BLM leader Sasha Johnson using a loud speaker and screaming "Fuck the police!"

Nobby prior to arrest using a loud speaker.

Sasha Johnson lecturing the world how it is so wrong and she is so right.

A still for a video in which Sasha Johnson and others in London clearly heard shouting "Fuck the police!". Are they arrested? Are they attacked from the back and kneed? Are they grappled to the ground by riot police? The double standards of the British police in 2020 was crystal clear for all to see.

Selectively Police Protests

It was clear to all that in 2020 the police were being selective as to which protests and events they policed and also as to the degree of police presence and need for riot police. This was perfectly summed up in this video posted on Twitter on the 4th of September [a date when public gatherings of more than 30 were illegal] when someone asks a group of police why they were not policing and enforcing the law at a nearby demonstration involving more than 30 people. A police officer responds that such decisions are made at an operational level above his pay grade. An interesting comment indeed since a crime is a crime isn't it?

A group of police deciding not to take action to an observation made by a member of the public that there was a nearby gathering of more than 30 people. On the 4th of September 2020, such gatherings were illegal but the police officers don't appear in the least bit interested to nearby criminal offences being committed.

Video posted on Twitter on the 4th of September 2020.

What's the Country Coming To?

The image below shows Anthony Baldwin being aggressively man-handled by an employee of the British Transport Police. He was asked to leave a train for not wearing a mask but claimed he was exempt due to health reasons; that should have been the end of the encounter. The police officer doesn't then accept his explanation or issue a fine so that Baldwin can later take the matter up in court and present medical proof for his claim, but instead the police officer is insistent on having him removed from the train. The whole approach of the police officer is aggressive and totally unnecessary. Baldwin handles himself well and is to be admired for not assaulting the police officer, and handles himself in a far more honourable manner than the police.

Subsequently, British Transport Police issued a statement that Baldwin was coughing and spitting but as this was a blatant lie later retracted this false claim.

Anyone who watched the video footage of the incident knows the police officer acted in a manner that was totally over the top.

Dad-of-five, 34, ‘pepper-sprayed’ by ‘heavy-handed’ cops ‘for not wearing a mask’ says he’s exempt due to panic attacks, The Sun, 4th of September 2020.

For fuck sake! The guy is travelling home after doing a day's work to earn money and pay taxes that pay for the salaries of the police.

What is the purpose of wearing a face nappy on a train? To prevent the spread of an exaggerated virus called COVID-19. How then does exerting physical force, getting numerous people and other officers involved minimise the spread of COVID-19? During the incident, the application of force by officers was so great it resulted in Baldwin's T-shirt and jacket being removed. How does that assist in minimising the spread of COVID-19?

Such a degree of force used by arresting officers that Baldwin's T-shirt and jacket were removed. All for not wearing a face nappy on a train after he stated several times he was exempt from having to wear a face mask.

LGBT Police Bias

Are the British police supportive of Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual and Tran-sexual people? If they are, should they publicly display this support? You may believe the answer to these questions is yes. But what about their support for the elderly, the cyclist, the classically trained musician, the theoretical physics expert, ...?

On the left below is an image extracted from the Twitter page of the British Transport Police. Note how they have effectively corrupted their emblem with the colours of the Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual and Tran-sexual gang. Not the Union Jack but these simpleton bands of colours.

And what about the image on the right hand side of Chief Inspector David Rams of the Police proudly photographing himself while donning the colour band of the Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual and Trans-sexual people on his uniform lapels. Should he be doing that? What if he exchanged that strip of colour for a Catholic cross or iconography taken from the Quran? Can anything be placed in those lapels adjacent to his stars? In my book, in both of the images below a line has been crossed in the police remaining independent. Would Chief Inspector David Rams show favouritism towards me if I was homosexual or lesbian? Does he dislike heterosexuals? Does the entire British Transport Police dislike heterosexuals?


I understand the police officers are also human beings but when in uniform and on duty they have to remain professional at all times, otherwise they bring the police force into disrepute. Below are some photographs taken from following news article:

Now cops wear HIGH HEELS and bear costumes as forces are told to stop stunts and solve crime, The Sun, 21st of October 2017.

Umm - give us a kiss.

Excuse me officers but have you seen my Teddy bear?

Standard police uniform has gone down the drain.


Just a bit of fun? Not while wearing the British police uniform.

Header Image

If you are curious what the header image is, it is of a man being kneeled on by not 1 but 2 police officers while being arrested at the Dover protest on Saturday the 5th of September 2020.