The Strange Case of Asylum Seeker Baguma

The Strange Case of Asylum Seeker Baguma

September 2020

When Mercy Baguma was originally found dead in her home the initial news story was how she was as abandoned asylum case and had a malnourished baby clinging to her dead body. Here are a few extracts from an article published in The Herald on the 25th of August:

"Mum 'found dead beside starving one-year-old baby' in Glasgow flat"

"Human rights charity Positive Action in Housing say Ms Baguma's one-year-old son was found crying beside his mother's body, and say he was "weakened from starvation"."

"It is understood that Ms Baguma, 34, had lost her job after her limited leave to remain expired and she was no longer allowed to work."

"She claimed asylum while living in extreme poverty, and was relying on food from friends and charitable organisations."

etc, etc, etc.

You get the kind of picture they are trying to portray without knowing the true facts of the case. They portrayed her as an asylum seeker who had tragically died due to lack of UKGov support. This isn't journalism but a targeted political attack.

Now, read the following article in the Daily Mail 3 days later.

Again, let's have a few extracts:

"Privately-educated Ms Baguma, who is from a wealthy family, suffered from depression and alcohol addiction, a schoolfriend told MailOnline"

"She had pre-existing health conditions, her family said"

"Her father, former MP Abdu Balingilira Nakendo"

"Her brother said Ms Baguma came to Britain to find 'greener pastures' when she couldn't find a good job, after growing up in Uganda's richest neighbourhood"

Where is the Asylum Case?

Mercy Baguma was 34 years old when found dead in a Glasgow flat. Her father, MP Abdu Balingilira Nakendo, was a Ugandan politician and she was from a wealthy family, and so much so that she was privately educated in Uganda.

Apparently she had suffered from alcohol addiction and depression over many years, which affected her health in the form of liver and kidney problems.

When her brother learnt of her death and that she was found malnourished he said "We have money,. We are not poor. If she needed something, all she had to do was ask."

So, where is the asylum case? Or was Mercy Baguma in the UK on an VISA that had expired? If she initially entered the UK on a VISA, which then expired and she subsequently applied for asylum, again where was the case?

Mercy Baguma's family district in Uganda.

Asylum Seeker and Refugee

An asylum seeker is an individual who has lodged an application for protection in a new country on the basis of the UN Refugee Convention or other legislation. Until a decision is reached on their application, that individual is called an asylum seeker. If approval is granted, the person is recognised by the UK as having refugee status and has permission to remain in the UK either long-term or indefinitely. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) defines a refugee as a person fleeing conflict or persecution who must not be expelled or returned to situations where their life and freedom are at risk. This criteria distinguishes refugees from other migrants, particularly economic migrants, who choose to move to improve the future prospects of themselves and their families.

If Mercy Baguma was an asylum seeker, she had no case and shouldn't have even been allowed into the UK under the terms of the asylum process. If Baguma first gained entry to the UK on a temporary VISA which expired and she then applied for asylum, there was never a case right from day one.

Why was the British Taxpayer Milked?

If Mercy Baguma was an asylum seeker she cost the UK Ā£thousands in processing her asylum case. She was housed, clothed, fed, exempt from having to pay Council Tax, and so on and so forth. But she had no asylum case and so why has the UK taxpayer being paying for both her and her child's living expenses?

If she was on a temporary VISA that had expired, what was she still doing in the UK? If she applied for asylum when her VISA expired, what kind of system is that when anyone with a VIA that is due to expire can apply for asylum?

However, you view the case Mercy Baguma it is a farce.

UKGov - Admit It!

If Mercy Baguma as an asylum seeker why was she allowed into the UK in the first place? If Mercy Baguma was on a temporary VISA that had expired, what was she still doing in the country? How can a person entering the UK on a temporary VISA even be eligible for applying for asylum?

Admit it UKGov - you are allowing economic migrants into the country under the guise of illegal immigrants, asylum-seekers and refugees.