Articles - 2021

Articles - 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions - in 2021

Vaccine Related Deaths

COVID-19 Vaccine Takeup

Vaccine Passports - The Slippery Slope

Above the Law

More COVID-19 Cases

Eric Clapton on COVID-19 Vaccines

The Wuhan Lab Cover Up

Zero COVID-19 - The Bullshit That Is

Morrisons Supermarket Dishing Out Sick Pay Cuts to the Unvaccinated

COVID-19 Vaccines Interfering With Women's Periods

Medical ID Cards

Myocarditis Risk from COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccinating 12-15 Year Olds With COVID-19

CO2 Shortage - the Ozone - and the Slaughter of Pigs

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations for Australian Construction Workers

Vaccination Does Not Prevent Infection

A Question

More Nuclear Bullshit

Marks & Spencer - Your M&S

The Labour Party and the Female Cervix

Human Evil - An Example

Sexual Predators Inside the Police Force

Natural Immunity to COVID-19

Queen’s Roger Taylor - "Anti-vaxxers must be ignorant and stupid”

The "No Jab - No Job" Lie

Herd Immunity and Vaccinations

Amazon High Street Stores - Truly Bizarre

Does COVID-19 Vaccination Work?

Sweden, Denmark and Finland in Limiting Moderna Vaccine to Under 30s

The Brainwashed Mainstream Media

US Workers Refusing to be Vaccinated

Having a Common Cold Now Means You Have COVID-19

Calls to Vaccinate Pregnant Women with COVID-19 Vaccines that Were Never Tested on Pregnant Women

Baroness Hale - An Outrageous Comment

COVID = COporate Violation of Independent Debate

William Shatner Enters Space via a Big Dildo

Vaccine Mandates - Becoming a Global Curse

John Lewis and the Sexualisation of Children

University of Edinburgh's "decolonisation" of the curriculum

Woman of the Year - 2015

The Incompetent Glorified Plumbers (GPs)

The Suddenly Unacceptable "Natural Immunity"

Modern Day Science ... Fiction

Fears for Human Health

Flu and COVID-19 Test Data

China and COVID-19

Lockdown - Vaccination - Lockdown - ... Make Your Mind Up

COVID-19 and the Mince Pie Theory

West Lothian Council - BigBrother is Addressing You

Double Standards of YouTube

COVID-19 Fines

Bull Runs

Car Insurance and Road Tax - the Big Racket

We Are 1 Minute to Midnight - Really!

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Death Data

An End to Deforestation by 2030

Victoria - Australia - The Police State

Drip by Drip They Are Pulling the Vaccine Age Down - Now 5 Years Old

> £6 / gallon

AVG - The Once Good Trashed by Greed

1 Million Tests Per Day

Carbon Footprint of Spam

Questions for Greta

The Pfizer Whistleblower


Drs Being Silenced

A Mentally Incapable President

COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

Are the COVID-19 Vaccines Really Vaccines?

Lowest of the Low to Get You Vaccinated

COVID-19, Heart Problems and Blood Clots

Woke and the BBC

Humans - the Queuing Animal

Steve Kirsch and the $1million Dollar Reward to Prove Him Wrong that There Have been 150,000 US Deaths from COVID-19 Vaccines

Dr Clare Craig - Thank Goodness that Such Rational Thinkers Still Remain

3 Vaccinations of an Experimental Drug in Just 10 Months

Melbourne / Australia - the Nazi Regime Lives On

Children and COVID-19 - Some Facts

18,461 COVID-19 Vaccine Related Deaths in the US and Counting

What Kind of Woman Urinates on a Person's Face?

What a Surprise!

Obesity and Poverty

I'm a Great Defender of Free-speech but ...

Mandatory Vaccination for ALL Citizens - They Did It!

A Biased Media

One Indication of Sloppiness


Damages Payouts for Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Tranny Equality

Not All Men Are Monsters But Some Women Are

Adele - Supermarket Music