1 Million Tests Per Day

1 Million Tests Per Day

The figure below shows that the UK has been consistently testing around 1 million people each and every day throughout 2021 for COVID-19.

Testing for COVID-19 throughout 2021 in the UK.


What an utterly pointless task. On the 1st of July 2021 1.12 million people were tested. Just think of the cost in human effort and resources for the testing equipment that afterwards goes straight to landfill or the incinerator.

Out of the 1.12 million tests they found 28,117 +ve results, or just 2.5% supposedly confirmed cases and 97.5% (1.08 million) wasted tests.

UKGov cites a 7 day average for July of around 30,000. If they were to test the entire 70 million population, would we have expected a return of 70 x 30,000 = 2.1 million +ve cases? It's a reasonable assumption to make, but more importantly shows that the actual number of cases data is in many ways utterly meaningless.

Just imagine how UKGov officials would poo in their pants if 2.1 million new cases were reported each and every day. They wouldn't just have the whole country in lockdown but every house boarded shut.

You could argue for a normalised new cases value such as the number of cases divided by the number of tests - it would make more sense. But in the nearly 2 years of mass testing it's never caught on and for some bizarre reasons they prefer to actual number of new cases. But as we see - the more testing you do the more cases you'd uncover. Which touches on a point made several times, that if you tested everyone you'd find that everyone has come into contact with it, and so just let it run its natural course.


November 2021 saw the resignation of MP Owen Paterson following an investigation of him receiving payment from the companies Randox Laboratories and Lynn's Country Foods. In March 2020, Randox was awarded a £133 million contract from the Department of Health and Social Care to produce testing kits (at a cost of £49 each) during the coronavirus pandemic without any other firms being given the opportunity to bid for the work. A further £347 million contract was awarded to Randox six months later without other companies being able to bid. The sums of financial reward Paterson earned for basically doing fuck all are quite an eye opener. He was paid £8,333/month [£520/hour] by Randox for a just 16 hours work, and paid £12,000/year [£500/hour] by Lynn's Country Foods for 24 hours work. It was as good as proved that he abused his position to help these businesses in turn for financial reward.

With sums of the order £133million and £347million we now start to see why there are 1 million tests per day. Several organisations and individuals have become very rich from such testing initiatives.

Cases / Tests

Below is the number cases divided by the number of tests for June to November 2021. The Cases/Tests value no longer looks as sexy as the number of cases alone, and yet is far more representative.

Date Cases Tests Cases/Tests % Tests +ve % Tests -ve

1 June 3,782 664,849 0.0057 0.6 99.4

1 July 28,117 1,121,678 0.0251 2.5 97.5

1 Aug 20,513 670,913 0.0306 3.1 96.9

1 Sep 42,834 1,027,203 0.0417 4.2 95.8

1 Oct 28,627 879,317 0.0326 3.3 96.7

1 Nov 44,000 905,663 0.0486 4.9 95.1

At each occasion 95+% of all tests proved to be negative.