119,789 New UK Cases in One Day

119,789 New UK Cases in One Day

I've previously added the pages 58,000+ New Daily Cases - You Have to See the Funny Side and 78,610 New UK Cases in One Day - I Waited Nearly A Year For This, and here we are again now with over 100,000 new daily cases of COVID-19.

Apart from it becoming tedious, you cannot deny the irony of the situation.

UK officially reported new cases of COVID-19 as of the 23rd of December 2021.

The new daily cases back in March/April 2020 pale into insignificance. And that is after 20 months of:

  • National lockdown

  • Preventing international travel

  • Social-distancing of 2m, 1m+

  • Quarantining of "infected" travelers

  • Quarantining of people testing positive [whatever that means] for up to 14 days, even though it is known to exist for up to 28 days

  • Face nappies at public events, public transport, shops, work, ...

  • Hand sanitizer at every public location and workplace

  • People encouraged/ordered to work from home

  • People prevented from seeing their friends and family

  • The elderly in care homes effectively kept as prisoners and friends and family prevented from seeing them for months

  • Relatives prevented from seeing loved ones in hospital and attendance at funerals limited to 10 people

  • Millions of medical appointments, treatment and operations cancelled

  • A whole plethora of special cases that no one could understand or follow

  • Vaccine No. 1

  • Vaccine No. 2

  • Vaccine No. 3 [they called it Booster]

  • Vaccine No. 4

  • ...

How is that possible? Weren't all these measures supposed to prevent the spread? The data is in, and they didn't. They made it worse - orders of magnitude worse.

And yet still, as of December 2021, people were ordered by law to wear face nappies, work from home, businesses forced to close etc.

They tried the restrictions and measures for 20 months. Why not try something else, and just letting it run its course and burn itself out, which it will do anyway.

The handling of COVID-19 has to go down in history as one of the biggest government farces ever.