3 Vaccinations

of an Experimental Drug

in Just 10 Months

3 Vaccinations of an Experimental Drug in Just 10 Months

3 vaccinations of an experimental drug in 10 months! That has to be a recipe for disaster.

Even flu vaccines were only ever administered annually.

Where is the data of what happens to people once administered 3 vaccines in 1 year? There isn't any.

It's the kind of approach you'd take if people were dropping like flies and you were desperate and felt it was the last resort. But, COVID-19 isn't like that and is easily treatable if caught early and treated with existing drugs that have been used for years. That's why the 3 vaccinations in 10 months is utterly reckless, unethical and downright dangerous.

Vaccines Injected into the Blood System for a Virus that is Airborne - Eh!

By the way, in case you hadn't noticed. The term "booster jab" is a subtle way of avoiding using the term Vaccine Number 3.

Vaccine 2 was an admission that Vaccine 1 DIDN'T work.

Vaccine 3 (aka "Booster Jab") is an admission that Vaccine 2 DIDN'T work.


and so it will continue to repeat.

COVID-19 vaccine takeup in the UK as of November 2021.

Administering vaccines commenced in December 2020. It peaked around June 2021 and gradually tailed off, reaching a minimum takeup at the end of October 2021. Then there was a further push to pump people full Vaccine No. 3 and takeup was off once again.

Long Term Goal?

What is the long term goal of such vaccines? Vaccines are clearly big business and a state/government funded market, which means it is effectively a bottomless pit of money until the ugly reality of socialism rears its head and governments realise they've run of other peoples money to burn.

We've gone from people have no flu vaccinations to the elderly having an annual flu vaccination, to a state of affairs in 2021 in which people received 3 vaccinations of COVID-19 vaccines in addition to all of the other vaccines they'd received throughout their lives. That's not going to suddenly stop overnight since there are now vested interests milking this setup for £billions each year.

My prediction (and never make them) is that the next big thing will be home vaccination kits - you can pick them up when buying your weekly lottery ticket. Typically commercialism dumbs everything down and can't see why vaccines are any different. And how about oral vaccines that you could take with your morning cereal like a vitamin pill - better not use the wording "oral vaccines" as people might cotton on that the Flu/COVID-19 vaccines are just like normal drugs.