58,000+ New Daily Cases - You Have To See the Funny Side

58,000+ New Daily Cases - You Have to See the Funny Side

On the 10th of December 2021, UKGov officially recorded 58,194 new cases of COVID-19.

That is after a national lockdown, social-distancing, face nappies in public venues, Vaccine No. 1, Vaccine N.o. 2, Vaccine No. 3 (they called it Booster), Vaccine No. 4, ...

You have to see the funny side in this otherwise you'd cry.

58,194 new cases reported on the 10th of December 2021.


Things could have been worse without such measures, but the data informs us they were no better. And isn't what all of those measures were imposed for? To make things better? Anyone would think it was all for nothing, and you'd be right in thinking it was.

Many people said right from the start that all of the above measures were pointless and you just have to let CVs run their course. And it was true, and the data proves it to be true. CVs are unstoppable and the sooner you swallow that pill the better.

It's been said many times but the key difference between COVID-19 and annual flu was the mass testing. Never before has the world conducted such mass testing for CVs and this is what you find. If you conducted mass testing for flu, 5, 10 , 20 years ago this is what you would have found. And you can either shit your pants or accept that CVs are unstoppable and live with it as we have done for centuries. But no, COVID-19 had to be different and they had to act on all of this mass testing data. And where did it get them? Nowhere.

What a massive waste of time, resources, money, economic destruction and human lives through cancelled treatment, mental health, suicides, etc.