78,610 New UK Cases in One Day - I Waited Nearly A Year For This

78,610 New UK Cases in One Day - I Waited Nearly A Year For This

I don't want to appear smug but I've been waiting for the day that the UK officially recorded more new daily cases than its previous record of 67,794 on the 8th of January 2021. On the 15th of December 2021 they reported 78,610 new cases in one day.

I've said numerous times this would occur, but didn't know exactly when.

More than China, Russia, India, ... The UK is once again a world leader. And why? Because of mass testing. Test every single man, woman, child, cat and dog and you'd in fact record millions of cases. How do we know there are millions of cases? The answer is simple - when they say there are 700 cases per 100,000 then for UK population of 70 million we have 490,000 cases - and that's just those tested. But, now we're talking - ~500,000 cases - can you imagine if they said it as it is and 10 times greater than being reported. How would the UK Nanny State cope with that?

But what makes me laugh is that is after lockdown, social-distancing, face nappies, track & trace, economic destruction, working from home, Vaccine No. 1, Vaccine No. 2, Vaccine No. 3 (Booster), Vaccine No. 4, ...

Some would say that it would be worse without such measures. Why - how much worse could it be? Also, that is one of speculation since Sweden and Florida have shown that things are better without these kinds of measures.

78,610 new cases reported on the 15th of December 2021. A new record with the previous record of 67,794 occurring on he 8th of January 2021.

88,376 cases on the 16th of December.

93,045 cases on the 17th of December.


Now taking bets for breaking the 100,000 cases/day.


106,122 cases on the 22nd of December - we didn't have to wait too long.


Now taking bets for 125,000 cases/day - any takers?


119,789 cases on the 23rd of December --> won't be long before there are more cases in the UK than the entire world! Ridiculous - 17 times greater than the April 2020 daily cases, while at the same time 1/10th of the daily deaths.


129,471 cases on the 28th of December - I hope you placed a bet.

You could hardly keep up with it. What a modern day farce.

It's All Meaningless

It's all meaningless anyway since the PCR test is equivalent to tossing a coin and many people are taking lateral flow tests as opposed to PCRs. But at the end of the day it's their bullshit data, and restaurants, cinemas, etc are closed based on it, travel prevented, and so on. Peoples lives wrecked based on false data. But it's been like that for 2 years. They view "some data" better than "no data" even if the data is invalid and corrupted, whereas any scientist or data analyst would totally disregard corrupt data.

In December 2021, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated that 1 in 35 Brits had COVID-19, or 1.74 million people. So, what does 78,610 new cases then mean? Nothing - it is totally meaningless. I acknowledge that such data is used to extrapolate to the 1 in 35, 1.74 million cases but the 78,610 is only those that were tested and using a highly questionable testing procedure.

UKGov and the ONS have data such as 1 in 35 and 1.74 million cases and yet persists with the "78,610 new daily cases" headlines. Who are they conning? The non-bullshit figure that should be reported is (no. of cases / no. of tests) but again they refuse to publish such data and prefer the "Oh no - the 100,000 mark was passed", ...

A Public Health Socialist State

"A Public Health Socialist State" - I couldn't have summed it up better myself:

COVID-19: Medical advisers risk turning country into 'public health socialist state', Conservative MP says in deleted tweet, Sky News, 16th of December 2021.