A Biased Media

A Biased Media

I've lost of how many mainstream media articles I've read in which the headline is along the lines of "She refused the Jab and died" or "She's in ICU and begging others to get vaccinated". Here's some examples:

Woman who refused covid jab begs doctors 'please don't let me die', Liverpool Echo, 20th of November 2021.

Here's another:

'Bubbly' mum-of-six who 'didn't want to go hospital' dies of covid, Liverpool Echo, 20th of November 2021.

They always fail to report on the thousands that the vaccines have killed or seriously injured.

Here's another article about a "healthy man" who apparently almost died from COVID-19:

Young man with clean bill of health left 'hours from death' in hospital after catching Covid, Wales Online, 4th of December 2021.

Take a look at the above 3 articles and see if you can spot anything in common. To help you I've copied and pasted 3 photographs from the above articles below.

Did you spot it? There are all very overweight. It's a well-known property of COVID-19 in that it preferentially targets the obese. Few articles make a point of this. It doesn't do to be overweight - it never did and never will and I don't care how much supermarkets try to push obese "curves" models.

In the Wales Online article, it states that the above man had a "clean bill of health". Really! He must have been at least 20 stone at the time. If that's a clean bill of health then I'll eat my underpants.