A Mentally Incapable President

A Mentally Incapable President

It's become a bit of an embarrassing joke to poke fun at Braindead Biden, but no one seems to be raising the question as to whether he is mentally fit to be President of America.

Take this short video here in which he tried to convey a point at the COP26 in November 2021. It begs the question why the man ever bothered attending. The £millions it would have cost to fly him and his huge support team over to the UK, the security, etc - and at an event in which they were supposed to be tackling the conservation of energy! And for what? What did he add to the event? Nothing. A Chimp could have contributed more.

Biden couldn't use his teleprompter at the G20, AdTube, 2nd of November 2021.

He finds himself without his autocue and having to read from a written document, but he can't even do that!

Consider any other sector of working life. If you were so incompetent you would be nicely told to go and find yourself alternative employment. Also, in Biden's case I believe there is a mental health issue and is it right and proper to subject a man to such abuse? He clearly has little appreciation of what a fool he looks, because if he did then he'd step down.

It starts off as a bit of a joke making fun of Biden but before long it becomes humiliating. If I was the son or daughter of Biden, I'd be ashamed to see my father humiliating himself in such a public way.

Another Angle

There's another aspect to Biden and a far more important one. There is no better example than Biden being President to show that Presidents, Prime Ministers and MPs are effectively useless and redundant puppets. America continues on its way and the government system continues to function by the work of the thousands of public sector workers. Biden brings to the forefront as to why in the 21st century Presidents and Prime ministers are no longer needed. Are they there as nothing more than focal points for our love and anger and our clinging on to royal figureheads of the past? I believe so. Ditch the lot of them and replace them with Internet Voting so the people can communicate directly with the civil service layer to realise their wishes.