Amazon High Street Stores - Truly Bizarre

Amazon High Street Stores - Truly Bizarre

In October 2021 Amazon opened a high street store:

Amazon opens first UK non-food store, BBC News, 6th of October 2021.

Maybe I'm missing something but:

  • Amazon kills the high street with its online service.

  • The high street has been vanishing for years ever since the likes of Amazon emerged.

  • Post COVID-19 lockdowns saw some of the worst times for the high street.

  • And now Amazon decides to open high street stores - Eh?

I'll give it a year.

Didn't Last a Year

Looks like I was wrong when I said "I'll give it a year":

Amazon Is Closing 68 Stores and the Only People I Feel Bad for Are the Employees, The Maru Sue, 4th of March 2022.

A company managed by some true dimwits.