Banning Smoking in New Zealand

Banning Smoking in New Zealand

I see that New Zealand has banned the sale of cigarettes to all those born after 2008:

New Zealand to ban cigarettes for future generations, BBC News, 9th of December 2021.

I don't smoke cigarettes and see it as a filthy habit. However, I also see it as one's free will to smoke if you so choose.

The issue I have is where do you draw the line? And we see this with vaccine mandates.

I am a vegan and do not agree with the farming and slaughter of animals. So, let's ban that. Addiction to alcohol is just as serious as smoking cigarettes. So, let's ban that. If it's about saving lives then ban all hydrocarbon-powered vehicles. People will continue to get run down by electric vehicles and maybe more so since they are quieter. So, let's ban transportation. ... Ban e-cigarettes. Ban sugar and sweets. Ban people from buying over a certain quantity of food to control obesity. Ban the owning of pets due to animal cruelty. ... Where do you stop?

As we have seen with drugs, once you make them illegal it does not stop people using them. And in some ways actually encourages their use because they are now considered risky.

As always, censorship, banning, mandates, ... are not the right approach in a supposedly free society.