Car Insurance and Road Tax - the Big Racket

Car Insurance and Road Tax - the Big Racket

In 2020 I insured my car and the cost was £162. It was recently up for renewal and LV quoted £225; a 39% increase. That's for a driver with over 9 years no claims and who did around 560 miles in the previous year. Yes, I did less than 1,000 miles because refusing to be vaccinated - where am I to go?

So, I estimated the forthcoming annual mileage between 1,000 and 2,000 miles and just look at the quote and the increased cost!

Car insurance is a massive racket and it makes little difference if you protect your no claims, how many miles you do, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive, etc. When filing for an online quote play around with changing from 3rd party to full comprehensive and other variables - you'll discover it makes little difference. It also makes little difference as to income verse payouts for the previous year for the insurance companies - a metric always cited when they try and justify their premiums. Instead, they just make up the quotes based on how much they can get away with.

Another racket is Road Tax - although UKGov hates it being referred to as such. The Road Tax for my vehicle for the past 12 months was £150. That was a vehicle that did less than 1,000 miles. A person next door to me could have the same car, pay the same Road Tax duty and do 60,000 miles in the same timespan. How can that be fair? When one adds up the duty and VAT on the price of petrol it amounts to around 70% of the total cost. And so the more miles you do then the more duty and VAT you pay, which catches the high milers. So, why is Road Tax necessary? It isn't and just another excuse to milk the British taxpayer and citizen.

The British driver is taxed to death with respect to duty, VAT and Road Tax, and yet has some of the worst roads in the world.

Many tourists to the UK [a thing of the past] are shocked when they see the state of the roads.