Carbon Footprint of Spam

Carbon Footprint of Spam

Here's a 2010 article I tracked down that lists findings of a study that tried to put a number to the carbon footprint of sending emails:

What's the carbon footprint of ... email?, Guardian, 21st of October 2010.

Your average person adds around 35kg of CO2 each year in their sending of emails.

But the eye opener is that around 62 trillion spam messages were being sent each year, with 78% of all emails sent being unwanted spam. These consumed of the order of 33 billion kWh (33TWh) of electricity and adding 20 million tonnes of CO2. In 2020 the UK consumed 287TWh of electricity, and so spam mail is equivalent to around 10% of the UK's annual electricity usage.

The sending of emails each year has been estimated to be equivalent to the same CO2 footprint of 7 million cars.

Very Funny - Keep the Jokes Coming

Now armed with the above information, go to in your browser and scan your eyes down to the foot of the screen ...

It's very funny and makes me smile every time I see it.