Cats on Leads - At Last!

Cats on Leads - At Last!

I hate the domesticated cat and was greatly encouraged when I read the following article about the banning of these horrible creatures in Australia being allowed to roam freely:

Australian council to ban cats outside unless they are on a lead, Sky News, 26th of November 2021.

Some will see this as yet another Nanny State attack, but it isn't.

In the UK, we have around 12 million cats. It is estimated by wildlife organisations that each year the average cat kills around 10 garden birds. That is of the order of 120 million birds being systematically removed from the wild each year.

Unlike a sparrowhawk that kills a bird for food and for feeding to its young, the fat domesticated cat simply carries back "home" and dumps them on their doorstep. They don't even eat what they kill.

Cats roam around at night venturing into other people's gardens to empty their bowels and as a result spread a great deal of disease. Each year in the UK alone several people (mainly children) lose their eyesight from these disgusting creatures. Many cat owners are totally oblivious or choose to ignore this fact since a cat will typically shit in other people's gardens.

Even Darwin couldn't understand the cat as it will torture a bird. They will clip a small bird's wing so it is unable to fly away, and then the cat will gradually subject the birds to a tortuous death by a thousand cuts. Cats don't always do this but in many cases they do and this has been recorded many times.

A fucking horrible animal.