CensorTube - aka YouTube.

It's not only that medical professionals and just about everyone is having content deleted from CensorTube, but also those who post comments. Take this video for example:

Heightened Tensions On Poland-Belarus Border As Migrants Attempt To Force Down Border Fence, CensorTube, 8th of November 2021.

It was one of those videos that I stumbled on just by chance as it hadn't been long uploaded, and as a result there was a lot of activity in the Comments section. And so I joined in and started posting my own comments. However, it wasn't long before I discovered (as is now the pattern) that my own and comments from other posters were being deleted. Now I'm not so naive to believe that teams of humans are sat filtering out these comments but instead some sort of algorithm is automatically removing them. Knowing the likes of Google & Co it will be some sort of AI algorithm that they believe is smart at detecting what they perceive as offensive comments.

The video concerns the mass-migration of illegal immigrants to the Polish border. It shows some of the illegals damaging the barbed wire fence and showing aggression with shovels towards the Polish security forces. Here are 2 comments I posted that were deleted:

1) They have come to take your houses and jobs.

2) They have come to damage your property.

Two comments that are both factually correct based on the supplied content. Both comments were deleted!

I've been playing this censorship game for some time now and when I post a comment that I have a good guess will be deleted I do a quick copy&paste to a text file so that I know what I posted and what has been deleted. That's why I know the exact comments I posted as stated above.

You'd have to work on the inside of CensorTube to gain a full understanding of how their filtering algorithm works but I have noticed that once you've had 1 or 2 comments deleted on a particular post then all subsequent comments you make will be automatically deleted. Yes, it's as dumb and blatant as that.

I have previously posted comments like "Jew / Muslim" and nothing else and seen them removed.

It is effectively a waste of your time attempting to post comments on CensorTube. It is not a free-speech platform. They like advertisements, violence and daft stuff but everything else they seem to have a problem with.

If I had my way I would first disable the Comments feature in CensorTube, and then a week later I'd unplug the entire system as it has been trashed by members of the Nanny State.

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