Children and COVID-19 - Some Facts

Children and COVID-19 - Some Facts

As always, children find themselves being abused and exploited. I was encouraged to see the Telegraph publishing the following graphic in their 13th of November 2021 article:

NHS trust encourages children to get vaccinated and says it will not inform their parents, Telegraph, 13th of November 2021.

Children and COVID-19 - Some facts.

Let's spell that out. In the year between March-February 2020/21 there were 3,100 child deaths. 61 (2%) with COVID-19, 25 (0.8%) from COVID-19 and 6(0.2%) that had no underlying health conditions.

It is the 25-6 = 19 (0.6%) of children that have underlying health conditions that should be targeted and not the other 99.94% of healthy children.

The administered vaccines will be harming and killing more healthy children than protecting unhealthy children.

Another Way to Interpret the Data

It's all too easy and to get drawn into the debate but the real question to ask is what did the 3,100-61 (98%) children die from? That is where the focus of medical attention, funding and resources should be. The 6, 25 or 61 with/from COVID-19 deaths hardly register on the grand scheme of things.

The photograph of a healthy child being forced to wear a face mask and probably being injected with goodness knows what sums it up.

A Comparison

On the page 18,461 COVID-19 Vaccine Related Deaths in the US and Counting, we saw that as of November 2021 there had been around 18,500 deaths from COVID-19 vaccines or around a 1 in 13,000 chance of it killing you. This is official data and many believe the numbers are much greater, but let's go along with the official data. This vaccine death rate is across all age groups and could be factored out for children but if we are to say this value is biased because most of those being killed are elderly, well we could equally argue that why are children being vaccinated to start with, and so once again we'll stick with this 1 in 13,000 chance.

Around 30% of the UK's population are children, giving 70 million x 30% = 21 million. Thus, recalculating the above COVID-19 child deaths in 2020/21 relative the number of children we have:

  • 61 (2%) with COVID-19: (61/21m)x100= 0.00029% of children OR a child has a 1 in 344,000 (27 times less likely than the 13,000) chance of dying with COVID-19.

  • 25 (0.8%) from COVID-19: 0.000119% of children OR a child has a 1 in 840,000 (67 times less likely than the 13,000) chance of dying from COVID-19.

  • 6 (0.2%) [] from/with COVID-19 deaths with no underlying conditions: 0.000028% of children OR a child has a 1 in 3,500,000 (269 times less likely than the 13,000) chance of dying from/with COVID-19.

An unvaccinated child is far more likely (orders of magnitude more likely) to be killed or seriously injured from a vaccine than to die from the disease.

Puts things into context - don't you think.


It has been known since the start of the outbreak of COVID-19 that children are not at risk. And yet they continue to be hounded to be injected with unnecessary and experimental drugs. Some would say that they can still be carriers although not show symptoms themselves. OK, but they can still get infected and be carriers even after vaccination. There is no case for injecting children with COVID-19 vaccines. Zero case. It's about something else and probably money.

An unnecessary form of child abuse.