China and COVID-19

China and COVID-19

One of the fascinating aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak is what little interest governments around the world have for pursuing China for damages.

It's been known from the outset that COVID-19 stemmed from the Wuhan virology laboratory. I'm confident governments and their associated secret service divisions are more than aware of the origins of COVID-19. Early on in the outbreak in 2020, senior US officials were publicly stating the source of the outbreak. President Trump stated he had seen a report outlining the origins of the outbreak. There is a clear trackrecord of peer reviewed academic papers showing the Chinese, US and Australian research into horseshoe bat gain of function coronaviruses. The COVID-19 genetic sequence did not evolve like a natural virus but was "genetically ready" indicating it had been engineered. There are the satellite images of increased activity around Chinese hospitals early on the outbreak. There are the statements of whistleblowers who managed to escape from China and speak freely. There is the increased purchasing of PPE equipment by Chinese hospitals early in the outbreak. And so on and so on. The evidence is overwhelming.

So, why no action from governments? And when I say no action I mean zero action. I'm confident that if the leak occurred at Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan then the US and UK anti-Muslim bullies would have pressed for sanctions and an invasion. They would have done their job on whipping up the public mood for turning against these countries. But in relation to COVID-19 and China - a zilch response.

Clearly, there is not enough money in China or the entire world to repay for the health costs, damage to the world economies and the pain, suffering and death. But what about China being forced to pay compensation for those that have died as a result of COVID-19? Governments around the world have always been keen to have COVID-19 on a death certificate. According to worldometer's COVID-19 data as of October 2021 there have been nearly 5 million officially recorded deaths. Personally, I've always said I believe this number to be complete garbage, but let's assume it is correct - is the number just of academic interest or is in some way China going to be made to be responsible for those 5 million deaths?

Nations such as the US and UK are bullies, and bullies are well-known for picking on the weak. Weaker nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Korea, Vietnam, ... It's what they do and have a long trackrecord in doing so. But the China superpower is a totally different animal but should they be allowed to get off Scott free? It seems that world governments have mutually agreed that the answer to that question is yes.

If I was a billionaire I'd spend at least £100million pursuing China for damages. I would file for death related damages for surviving family members who wished pursuing such damages. Which touches on the point as to why we don't see any billionaires making such initiatives, but as with governments that's an easy riddle to answer in that it would be bad for business and at the end of the day that's all they care about.

By law in the UK if the administration of a vaccine kills you, then the maximum the government will pay out is £125,000 - yes, pathetic but that's the law. So, using the same death -payout metric, when are we going to see China fork-out 5 million x £125k = £625 billion? Do you think they'll cough up?