COVID-19, Heart Problems and Blood Clots

COVID-19, Heart Problems and Blood Clots

Elsewhere, I have made a note of the banning of the Moderna vaccine for under 30s by Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany. I have also made a note of the increased risk of developing myocarditis from COVID-19 vaccines. There is also the increased risk of blood clots and appears there are other heart related problems:

Mystery rise in heart attacks from blocked arteries, 2nd News, 1st of October 2021.

This article relays an article in The Times concerning a 25% increase in the number of people at Scottish hospitals suffering from heart attacks. Of course, they'll try and come up with any other excuse than it being COVID vaccine related. They'll argue that there's no evidence to suggest it is vaccine related but then be as sure as anything that it is stress related, although there is equally no evidence to support those claims either!

The article concludes by making reference to the study conducted by Dr Charles Hoffe, who conducted an independent study on his patients and determined that 62% had developed microscopic blood clots due to spike proteins contained in the mRNA jab. He stated:

“The concern is: because these vessels are now permanently damaged in a person’s lungs, when the heart tries to pump blood through all those damaged vessels there’s increased resistance trying to pump the blood through those lungs. ... So those people are going to develop something called ‘pulmonary artery hypertension’ – high blood pressure in their lungs, and the concern with that is that those people will probably all develop right-sided heart failure within three years and die because they now have increased vascular resistance through their lungs.”

The video is worth watching. It starts off with wild claims of this news being the biggest in the 21st century, but putting that aside other information is important. Skip to 4:30 in the video and listen to what Dr Hoffe has to say on his own study.

The next 5 years will show whether there is a massive increase in heart related premature deaths.

Attack on Scientific Debate

Skip to 4:00 minutes and listen to what happens to you if you attempt to exercise your right to free-speech, and free and open scientific debate:

Heroes No Longer - Episode 2 - Doctor Charles Hoffe, AdTube, 12th of November 2021.

It's one of the key things to come out of the COVID-19 outbreak - the attack on free-speech. But when it attacks the scientific community, something is seriously wrong.

Dr Hoffe is fantastic and his concluding remarks in this video and truly inspiring.

18,000 Dead and 900,000 Injured from COVID-19 Vaccines in the US

Make sure you don't miss Dr Hoffe passing on a fact: 18,000 dead and 900,000 injured by COVID-19 vaccines in 9 months in the US alone.

This is also cited in the following article, which states there were 18,461 deaths, 135,400 serious injuries and 875,653 reports of adverse events between the 14th of December 2020 the 5th of November 2021:

VAERS COVID Vaccine Data Show Surge in Reports of Serious Injuries, as 5-Year-Olds Start Getting Shots, The Defender, 12th of November 2021.

With 234 million people receiving vaccinations up to this point that gives a 1 in 12,675 chance of the vaccine killing you, a 1 in 1,728 chance of it leaving you with a serious injury and 1 in 267 chance of you having an adverse reaction. These are high odds and the official data must always be questioned.