COporate Violation of Independent Debate

COVID = COporate Violation of Independent Debate

In this AdTube/CensorTube (aka YouTube) video we see Dr Dhand informing us how he's being de-platformed for simply passing on information about Natural Immunity:

DR DHAND’s latest DEPLATFORMING + a new way to FOLLOW ME…, AdTube, 12th of October 2021.

Yes, silenced for stating the benefits of 4.2 billion years of evolution of the natural immunity system. It must be that less than 100 years of artificial immunity in the form of vaccines and less than 20 years of social media bollocks knows better.

One of the eye-opening things to emerge from the COVID-19 episode in history is how it showed us who the true custodians of free-speech and freedom of expression really are.

Funny how the likes of AdTube, Amazon, Linkedin, etc all stem from the US - the land of the free and the brave. It was always a hood winking.