Culling = Murder

Culling = Murder

Being a vegetarian and a great admirer of animals I always feel a sadness in my heart when I read a news headline with the word "culling". It's the human bullshit word for the murdering of animals.

The latest murdering of farmed animals is that of 27,000 ducks over an outbreak of bird flu in Ireland:

Aughnacloy: 27,000 ducks to be culled over suspected bird flu, BBC News, 2nd of December 2021.

It's just hideous. We created this situation by the nature of farming such poor birds. I mean, if it wasn't for humans eating such dead animals then the birds wouldn't have existed. And then when they catch bird flu through no fault of their own, what do we do? Do we try and treat them? Release them in a field in which they can live out the rest of lives without fear of being slaughtered for human consumption? Nah - we just ring their necks. It's disgraceful and so typical of the human race.

You'll often hear the phrases of humane and humanity. It's laughable that these words that stem from the word human are supposed to represent kindness. Only a twisted species as our own could make such a false statement. We are not humane but the monsters of Earth.

The way we treat animals, wildlife and the environment as a whole sickens me.


We will continue to remain barbaric as long as we farm and slaughter animals and fish. I'm convinced hundreds of years from now (if the human race still exists, which I hope it won't), future generations will look back in horror at the 20th and 21st centuries of how we treated non-human life.

All of these animals - ducks, pigs, sheep, etc - when brought into one's life through injury or other circumstances show tremendous love and friendship towards people that help them. YouTube is littered with fantastic videos and instances of the human - animal bond. But our mass farming and slaughtering of animals is simply disgusting.

For example:

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