Do You Have a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Do You Have a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Imagine if I stopped you in the street and asked "Do you have a sexually transmitted disease?". You would quite rightly ask me to mind my own business. But if I asked you instead "Are you vaccinated against COVID-19?", then it suddenly becomes acceptable. Why is that?

I could also ask you about other vaccinations as to whether you've been vaccinated against HIV and you'd be offended, and so we see that governments have removed people's liberty just with respect to COVID-19 vaccines. Again, why is that?

The people don't understand how important this is with regards to being stripped of their liberty.

The Brainwashed

I wasn't surprised by the findings of a survey by the Telegraph in December 2021 that showed that around 50% of people are happy with removing the rights of the unvaccinated. Why wasn't I surprised? Because the people as a herd are stupid.

People voting to strip themselves of their own liberty.

Replace the word "lockdown" with "concentration camps" and rewrite the title of the graph on the left:

"One third of people think unvaccinated people should be forced into concentration camps until the pandemic has passed."

When will the "pandemic" end? 2 weeks? 1 year? 5 years? So, people could be "forced" against their will for 5 years? That's called prison isn't it? And 35% voted for this. 17% were so thick they didn't know.

Many would agree to electrocuting the unvaccinated if the government pressed hard for that.

Take TB for example. London is one of the worst cities in Europe for cases of TB. Why? Because of the UK's slack approach to immigrants entering the country with TB. Should people having TB be placed under house arrest? Should they be banned from restaurants? Should they be electrocuted? What about people with HIV? And those with a sexually transmitted disease? And what about those with Hepatitis? Eventually you'd arrive at the group that read books.

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