Does COVID-19 Vaccination Work?

Does COVID-19 Vaccination Work?

Details of the number of people vaccinated in the US can be found at the New York Times tracker:

Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count

As of October 2021, the most vaccinated states were:

And the least vaccinated were as shown:

Let's now look at the number of new cases in Vermont, which was at the top of the list with regards to vaccination:

The vaccination programme commenced in December 2020, and yet by October 2021 there were more new cases than at any previous time. But how can that be for a 70% vaccinated state?

Let's now look at Idaho, which was at the bottom of the vaccination programme:

It actually fared better with fewer new cases than Vermont, and not to be too picky about whether the number of new cases was or wasn't greater than at any previous time, we can state with confidence that it didn't fare any worse than Vermont.

Does Vaccination Work?

Based on the above comparisons, the question must be asked as to whether COVID-19 vaccination actually works.

If it does work then why don't we see any significant differences between states that are 70% and 42% vaccinated?

Why are we seeing increases in the number of cases, and in some cases worse than before vaccination?

Does vaccination work?

Do these rushed out vaccines really work?

Has the taxpayer around the world been duped?