Double Standards of YouTube

Double Standards of YouTube

I was unsure whether to name this section as shown or "Confused Standards of YouTube".

I have discussed elsewhere how they don't seem bothered by infecting a person's viewing with advertisements, or maybe they are concerned but place profits before the mixing of content and advertisements.

Then there is the mass censorship of COVID-19 related material. Censorship that even applies to medical professionals.

But the one I'd like to make note of in this article relates to AdTube's/CensorTube's double or confused standards relating to what they perceive as sexual content versus violent content. Take for example the following video:

Ladyboy Mel wearing silicone βrεΑsτ form | Crossdresser Ladyboy Mel

which shows a person showing a recent purchase of a false silicone breast plate. If you watch the video you will see how they make a point of covering up the false nipples on the plate so as to not find themselves faced with a warning or having their video deleted. Just to emphasise that those are not real breasts but false silicone.

Now head over to the YouTube videos of "Kings of the Streets". Here is one that I selected at random:

FIGHT CLUB: King of the Streets: 56 YEVGEN VS JOVAN (Presented by Hype Crew)

Here we see a bare knuckle fight between two men beating each other to death.

False rubber nipples - unacceptable.

Men covered in blood beating each other senseless - acceptable.

If that isn't confused I don't know what is.

Monetisation - A Joke

As another example, consider the video channel of Celene Nox:

My enthusiasm is gone. Thanks for nothing, YouTube.

Here is a channel featuring a beautiful woman who has a truly infectious laugh and is a not only a joy to look at but also to enjoy her bubbly personality and to see her lovely smile. For me, I really couldn't care less about what she is or isn't wearing, I honestly watch the videos for her personality.

In this video she describes how AdTube will not promote her videos because they are considered too "risky". Never does she show any form of nudity or vulgar behaviour but is always discreet and simply enjoys showing off various items of latex clothing. Because AdTube considers such material as questionable she finds her content shoved to the bottom of the pile. Whereas violent content will not be oppressed in the same way.

Again, if that isn't a confused sense of morality then I don't know what is.