Dr Clare Craig - Thank Goodness that Such Rational Thinkers Still Remain

Dr Clare Craig - Thank Goodness that Such Rational Thinkers Still Remain

I was really encouraged to watch Dr Clare Craig giving her take on the enforcement of mandatory vaccination for care workers and the pending decision whether to enforce it on all NHS staff:

Covid: Dr Clare Craig on why she's against mandatory jabs for NHS staff, AdTube, 10th of November 2021.

In this short video she makes some excellent points:

1) How COVID-19 spreads. It is sick people who spread the disease and NOT the healthy. So the way you reduce transmission in a hospital is to isolate and treat the staff who are not feeling well. Don't have a go at everyone.

2) Resolving this issue is NOT through vaccination. The patients who catch COVID-19 in hospitals catch it from other sick people in hospitals. So, treating infected people is about treating those that are infected and NOT to do with the staff.

3) The vaccines DON'T stop people from catching the disease. People catch the virus once they've been vaccinated. Therefore, mandatory vaccination for staff does NOT stop transmission.

4) Once a vaccinated person has caught COVID-19 then the amount of virus they have in their airways is the same as someone who is infected but unvaccinated. So, unvaccinated and vaccinated persons are equally likely to transmit the disease.

5) If you don't want to catch a respiratory infection then you need to focus on the airway system and lungs. These stop an infection entering your system. But the antibodies that the vaccines are giving from an injection are in the blood system and can't stop the virus entering the body through the airways. This is why when they administer influenza vaccines for children at school it goes up the nose.

6) She also asks the question as to who has the best interests at heart for a sick patient. Is it the health care workers or politicians? And here she hits the nail on the head that mandatory vaccination is yet another example of political interfering by the civil service and political donkeys.

Dr Clare Craig - we love you !

Led by the Science

It was popular in the UK in 2020 to hear politicians use the phrase that they were being led and driven by the science when making their decisions regarding lockdown, social-distancing, face nappies, etc. We all know this was horse shit because there was no previous data as to whether lockdowns work, no data on the use of a 2m social-distancing metric and hundreds of previous peer-review studies showing that face nappies are effectively useless. And now we see the same ignoring of science regarding mandatory vaccination and even the use of injected vaccines to try and prevent the spread of an airborne infection.