Fatphobic - It's Coming

Fatphobic - It's Coming

I've been writing about the fatties for several years now. How the anorexics are considered unhealthy but the fatties are loved. Well, loved by the consumerists because by definition fatties are big consumers.

The fatties keep chipping away in finding ways to get fat discrimination into legislation, supplemented by the endless search for the "fat gene" to support their case that being fat is not entirely a function of how much food passes one's lips.

So, when I read the following article I wasn't surprised:

Please don’t weigh me, US patients ask doctors, The Times, 21st of December 2021.

The article states:

"Cards for patients to tell doctors that they do not wish to be weighed unless absolutely necessary have been produced by an online “body positivity” group. The “Don’t weigh me” cards, created by More-Love.org, say “it’s very stressful that every time we go to the doctor, we get weighed”. The group bemoans living “in a fatphobic society, being weighed and talking about weight causes feelings of stress and shame”..."

Fat cards - what next!

The more-love.org Message

If you want to waste your time paying the more-love.org website, their banner message is one of:

"Empowering parents to raise kids who are free from body hate and eating disorders."

"Body hate" - see what I mean! They are pushing for banning the word "fat" and referring to someone as as "fat", overweight or obese as a hate crime.

Other articles on their website, place the word fat in double-quotes:

"Are you worried about your “fat” kid?"

I'm sure if they had their way they'd ban the word fat.

And then they have articles such as:

"Are you fat shaming your kids? You’ve got to stop!"

"Fat shaming" - what next!

An image from Snag Tights.

I rest my case.

I'm confident there are many people now in society who would argue that there is nothing wrong with this woman.