Flu and COVID-19 Test Data

Flu and COVID-19 Test Data

Think back to, say, 5 years before the outbreak of COVID-19. People (typically the elderly) were encouraged to trot along for the annual flu vaccination. But did it work? There was no (or very little) publicly available data as to whether the vaccination actually worked. However, COVID-19 has been all about testing, even if it is flawed.

I have discussed the image on the left elsewhere. The key idea of vaccination (what they tell us) is that an immunized community stops the spread of an infection.

And so the UK got nearly 3/4 of its population immunized.

Number of people vaccinated (~72%) in the UK (lower bar) as of the end of September 2021.

But by October 2021 there were more new cases than before immunization (December 2020).

New daily cases of COVID-19 as of the 25th of October 2021.


The above 3 images show that things don't seem to add up to what we were traditionally being told. I'm convinced that if such testing data was available 5 years before the COVID-19 outbreak it would have shown that vaccination for flu does not stop its spread. Since flu and COVID-19 are members of the same coronavirus group, that is a natural assumption to make.

It could be argued that COVID-19 is a learning exercise on how to try and take on Nature at its own game with respect to tackling airborne infectious diseases. The thing is, much of what we know we always knew when it comes to there being no way to stop the spread of coronaviruses. I mean, that's why so much effort was invested in them as bioweapons.

It's easy to come across as a smart ass and hindsight is a great thing. However, many people have been saying this right from the start that lockdowns, social-distancing, face nappies and even vaccination are all flawed.