Glass Ball Politics

Glass Ball Politics

I love non-experts making predictions they have zero expertise in making.

They always say about predictions - never make them because you'll always be proved wrong. Only a fool makes a prediction and government is packed full of fools who want to get under the media spotlight to satisfy their massive egos.

Consider this dross article in arse-licking Sky News:

COVID-19: Omicron cases being treated in hospital as minister says variant will 'dominate and grow', Sky News, 12th of December 2021.

The education secretary Nadhim Zahawi ... Wait! Stop right there! The "education secretary". Yes, not the health secretary, medical professional, virologist, etc but education secretary. OK - with that out of the way, let's hear what he had to say:

"... the new strain was so infectious that it will dominate and exponentially grow ..."

Wow - quite a claim from a non-expert. Did you know that Courts have a formal definition for an expert who is brought into give evidence. Yes, they do and the education secretary does not meet the requirements. But again, with that out of the way he is predicting (or speculating) (or guessing) that omicron with grow exponentially. I bet he doesn't even know or could write down the equation for exponential growth. Basically, he's talking out of his back passage.

Or maybe he does as he tries to teach us:

"... Let's do a mathematic exercise for a second. You get to a million infections by say the end of December - 1% is 10,000 severe infections that could be in hospital. Three days later it is two million, three days later it is four million. Three days beyond that it is eight million. ..."

He may be referring to the logistic equation or the exponential growth equation but we'll never know. But he appears to performing some sort of doubling and maybe using 2^x from 1, 2, 4, 8, ... or maybe it's a power of 2 formula he has in his mind like a binary power of 2. The thing is where does he get his initial condition of 1 million cases by the 31st of December from? And where does the 1% of the total number of cases being "severe" come from? I think he's been having talks Professor Lockdown Ferguson.

He went on:

"It is now a race between the booster and that protection, and the Omicron variant."


Former Brexit minister Steve Baker summed it up:

"I think what we are doing now is creating a miserable dystopia into which we are going forward. ..."

Don't Forget

On the 31st of December - don't forget to look up the number of cases on worldometer's website to see if they are 1 million. Now - don't forget.

A Man of His Word?

Official figures showed that as of the 21st of December there were 20,491 reported cases of omicron in London, with the previous 5 days varying between 20,491 and 26,608:

Hopes rise that exponential Omicron growth in London may be slowing, Evening Standard, 22nd of December 2021.

Still 10 days to go to the 31st of December and just data for London, but can we make the 1,000,000 - 20,491 = 979,509 additional cases in time as predicted?

These people are idiots.

Professor Lockdown - He's Still At It

How anyone gives Professor Lockdown the time of day in 2020/21 beggars belief. Even with the omicron/moronic variant he was still trying to destroy lives and the UK economy:

Prof Lockdown's 'apocalyptic' omicron claims undermine faith in vaccines and have fuelled unnecessary shutdowns, Telegraph, 23rd of December 2021.

Yeah, he's a Professor but in today's world that means nothing provided you can bullshit enough people to keep the grants coming in. But the title of Professor no longer means you are smart and know what you are talking about. Indeed, many modern day professors are nothing more than glorified administrators, managing a research team. Many are no longer scientists but managers.

Lockdown Ferguson is a professional muppet who has been proved to be wrong time and time again, and way way before the COVID-19 outbreak. How he was given the time of day when COVID-19 broke out and how he continues to receive an audience at the end of 2021 sums up how stupid the UK government, media and people are. The man should be struck off and cast to a desert island.