Herd Immunity and Vaccinations

Herd Immunity and Vaccinations

The Herd Immunity Wikipedia page discusses herd immunity and includes the following diagram:

The idea is that if no one is immunized and an infected person walks among them, they can quickly infect everyone. However, if the majority of the people (or herd) are immunized then a disease finds it more difficult to spread.

The above ignores those that have been immunized but infected, because as we all know that vaccinations are not a cure and in many cases not even a deterrent. Also, the lower image is biased because it tries to portray that the majority need to be "immunized and healthy", discounting those that are not-immunized and healthy. As we see, the bias even extends to Wikipedia pages.

The same Wikipedia page also includes the following diagram:

Herd immunity vs Basic reproduction number.

For the original strain of COVID-19 we see that a herd immunity of ~70% is required, and for the later variants a threshold heading towards 90%. And guess what - for later variants --> 100%.

Let's now look at the percentage of the UK population vaccinated as of the end of September 2021:

The upper bar is for Singapore and the lower bar is for the UK.

Around 72% of the population had received some form of vaccination.

But isn't the percentage of the UK population approaching the herd immunity threshold of between 50% - 75%? Ah, but there's the variants to taken into account, would be the reply. OK, but how can the number of cases still be increasing when the UK approaches the original strain threshold? Surely, the number of cases would be falling or holding steady, but increasing?

UK new cases of COVID-19 as of the end of September 2021.

Above we saw that as of September 2021 Singapore had vaccinated around 80% of its population - more than the original strain herd immunity threshold. But, new cases kept emerging and more than ever in August/September 2021:

New cases in Singapore, as of September 2021.

How can that be with their vaccination programme instilling herd immunity? It's doesn't appear to make sense, or is it that vaccination does not work?

Mandatory Vaccinations - Is That The Reason?

It is no coincidence that the call for mandatory vaccinations directly follows the rapid tail off in the number of people being vaccinated; see the graph below. So, based on the above data of the UK achieving ~72% vaccination and that's all you're going to get due to ~30% being against vaccination. What if 3/4 of the population is viewed as not enough to meet the herd immunity threshold? Then you have to start getting creative or aggressive and introduce:

1) Vaccination of < 16s.

2) Mandatory vaccinations for all care workers.

3) Mandatory vaccinations for all government workers.


This is how the peoples minds work behind the vaccination programme.

The number of vaccinations being administered per 100 people in the UK since the first person was injected in December 2020. That's quite a tail off and loss in profits for those manufacturing the vaccines.