Humans - the Queuing Animal

Humans - the Queuing Animal

Humans love nothing better than to queue. Fair enough for being good citizens but when I read about people queuing round the block to get themselves pumped full of goodness knows what, then you're having a laugh:

Appointments now needed at East Lothian's vaccine bus after long queues in the cold, East Lothian Courier, 12th of November 2021.

It takes all sorts of animals to fill the human zoo but when you queue outside in the middle of a cold Autumn to receive a vaccine that is attempting to stop you coming down with cold symptoms, then I have to question the sanity of my fellow wo/man.

The author of the above article doesn't appear interested in this point and is more concerned how the queue will impact traffic.

An example of a queue in case you've not seen one before.

"We're nearly there. I do hope that makeshift coach has free tea and biscuits."

"Excuse me madam, but is this queue moving?"

"Excuse me Sir, but can I ask?"

"Certainly - go ahead -"

"That man lying on the floor - did he die from COVID-19?"

"No - he died from queuing."

Queuing - the human animal's favourite form of exercise.

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Some people just never learn:

COVID-19: Hours-long queues for boosters for second day running - with lateral flows still unavailable online, Sky News, 14th of December 2021.

Mid-December and queues of people for their nth vaccine within a year. Queuing in mid-winter will do wonders for the spread of colds, flu and other CVs.