I'm a Great Defender of Free-speech but ...

I'm a Great Defender of Free-speech but ...

You'll struggle to find someone more passionate about the value of free-speech and freedom of expression than myself but as with all things, there are limits. When it comes to the Insulate Britain monkeys, they are a bunch of lunatics. In this article we read how 9 of them were jailed for 4 months for disobeying an order to stay clear of the roads:

Insulate Britain protesters jailed for defying road blockade ban, BBC News, 17th of November 2021.

They were lucky that I wasn't the judge as I'd have sent them away for a whole year, and to serve a year.

Here's why. I saw video footage of a woman who was unable to drive her child to school because of one of their road blockades. Bad enough, but now imagine that car was an ambulance. Their actions could have cost the life of a person because the ambulance was delayed in reaching the hospital. Now, blocking the road is a seriously reckless thing. It could be said that if the Insulate Britain monkeys saw the ambulance then they'd let it pass. However, some of them super-glued their hands and in some cases their faces to the tarmac, and so how is such a person going to move out of the way quickly? Nah - they are a bunch of wankers.

They are no better than the IRA who believed that once negotiations had failed then they were justified to turn to violence. Well - I have to disagree. Violence against the innocent indivudual can never be justified, just as the actions of the Insulate Britain drips and dropouts cannot be justified.