Lowest of the Low to Get You Vaccinated

Lowest of the Low to Get You Vaccinated


A brothel in Austria had a novel way of getting you vaccinated:

COVID-19: Vienna brothel offers customers 30 minutes with 'lady of their choice' in exchange for coronavirus jab, Sky News, 9th of November 2021.

Sex in exchange for getting the jab. Really - are you serious! In my book that's about as low as it gets.

Vaccination Lottery

Equally shallow was the Vaccination Lottery in Australia:

Sydney woman wins $1 million vaccination lottery prize, 9 News, 7th of November 2021.

To be eligible to stand a chance at winning the jackpot of the "Million Dollar Vax" campaign, you had to first get yourself vaccinated. Such a strategy is highly questionable and differentiating between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Imagine a lottery that was only open to Black people.

Oh, silly me - there are Cambridge University scholarships that are only open to Blacks. And then there are the Black only Universities. And I suppose there are the Black only cities. And the Black-only owned businesses. And the Black-only cycling groups. Etc, Etc. Etc. So, maybe vaccination discrimination is acceptable.


In November 2021, the NHS was criticized for its underhand tactics of attempting to coerce 12-15 year olds to getting vaccinated without parental consent:

NHS trust encourages children to get vaccinated and says it will not inform their parents, Telegraph, 13th of November 2021.

Below is a screenshot of a leaflet they distributed:

Screenshot of a leaflet distributed by the NHS in Sussex.

Note the "confidential advice and support"