Marks & Spencer - Your M&S

Marks & Spencer - Your M&S

I couldn't help but notice on Mark and Spencer's website in September 2021, the sheer number of Black models. Straight off the bat, some people would frown on such a comment, but I don't give a shit. I am simply making a factual observation.

Believe it or not, but as of September 2021, Blacks were a minority in the UK. In the 2011 Census they formed 3.5% of the population - check it out for yourself. I'm confident that by 2021 that has only gone one way, and increased but for argument sake let's assume they now form 10% of the population. Or, phrased another way every 1 in 10 people would be Black. Let's now head over to the M&S website ...

A screenshot taken on the 26th of September 2021 showing 3 Black models. But how can that be in a country in which Blacks are the minority?

Another screenshot from the 26th of September 2021, this time taken from the women's lingerie page. Once again, Whites are the minority.

Staying in the lingerie webpages , but this time in shapewear. Do you see a White model?

Scrolling down the page, we see 1 White model.

Scrolling further down - ah, drat - back to the all Black models.

Do you really think a clothing company in Africa would feature Whites as the dominant model? Or that Chinese or Japanese websites would be featuring almost exclusively Black models?

It's completely biased. If you truly believed in racial equality then for every 10 images of models there would be 1 Black model. That would be approximately statistically correct for a British population and market in 2021. Anything else is biased.

Where are the webpages with entirely Chinese or Japanese models? I couldn't find any. The UK's Chinese population is even less and yet they receive no representation on M&S's webpages. Where are Russian models, the Mongolian models, ... It is biased and everyone can see it. However, it is so biased it is patronizing and in fact racially discriminating. They set out with a twisted agenda of in some way rectifying a racial inequality (which never existed) and in so doing create one of their own.

Some of the best racial discrimination content is to be found on the M&S website.

Pronoun Badges - What Next!

In November 2021 we got a glimpse of more PC bullshit from M&S in the form of pronoun badges. What are they I hear you ask. A photograph of one of the M&S pronoun badges is shown below. It's a load of stuff and nonsense.

An M&S employee's pronoun badge. It shows you and me that we can address David as either he, him or his but everything else would be considered unacceptable.

Other permutations are:



What I find amusing about the use of the pronouns in such a case is the sheer redundancy of them. The badges are optional and so in choosing to wear one of the badges the employee has indicated their name to be David. So, if I happened to find myself in one of their warehouse looking stores and wanted to ask David a question I could address him as "David - where are the yellow underpants located?". If I later found myself in conversation with another employee but wanted to make reference to David then I could say "Well, David said the yellow underpants would be located on this shelf but they are not." My point is that he is happy to disclose his name David, and afterwards the use of pronouns is not necessary. Thus, we cut to the heart of this bullshit and see it for what it is - a marketing exercise to grab the PC-correct customers, while at the same time alienating the majority of non-PC customers.

Your M&S - Not Mine

PS. And for the record - I always make a point of never shopping at the M&S warehouse-style stores, or online. In my book, their clothes are crap, devoid of any sort of style and good fitting. They are now exclusively made abroad, when not that long ago back in the 1970s/80s they were predominantly made in the UK. Now they are yet another company that exploits cheap foreign labour, transports their goods across the world and then sells them at ridiculously marked up prices. Well, they can sod off.