Medical ID Cards

Medical ID Cards

The introduction of vaccine passports are effectively a form of Medical ID Card. A very slippery slope and dangerous precedent to set, and yet another attack on free-speech and freedom of expression.

In September 2021, Nanny State Wales was in the spot light as they were seen to introduce a range of measures:

Wales to require NHS Covid passes to attend nightclubs and events, The Guardian, 17th of September 2021.

After 18 months of this bollocks they continued with their tyranny against the young, and healthy:

  • Enforcement of mask rules on public transport to be stepped up as coronavirus cases rise

  • From the 11th of October people in Wales will have to show an NHS Covid pass to enter nightclubs and attend many events including big football and rugby matches from next month

  • People should work from home wherever possible and vowed that firmer action would be taken against people who do not wear face coverings when legally required to do so, for example in shops or on public transport.

  • The government could consider making it a specific criminal offence to falsify a Covid pass.

  • He called for supermarkets and public transport providers to do more to make sure people wear masks when they are legally required to do so, and he said the government would work with enforcement officers to make sure people comply.

The tyranny continues.

US Medical ID Cards

The US has had a ban on people entering the country for over 18 months, and from November 2021 will only allow people to enter who are double-vaccinated:

PM welcomes US decision to ease travel rules on double-jabbed Brits, Daily Mail, 20th of September 2021.

They can keep it. The US is a human toilet. Years back I had the misfortune of having to travel to the US for reasons of work. Never again - what a shit hole. So, for me, the double-vaccinated [can still be a carrier] and PCR tests [akin to flipping a coin] within 3 days of travelling are a good thing to keep me out.