More Nuclear Bullshit

More Nuclear Bullshit

The British government seem to believe that a "green" and renewable energy future consists of nuclear power. I'm convinced their long term objective is to have a UK Chernobyl or Fukishima and won't rest until they get one.

The UK not only saw Hinkley Point nuclear power plant approved a few years back using Chinese money and French owned but contaminating Britain, the UKGov has now approved the construction of another fucking nuclear plant and to be constructed by an American company:

Brexit Britain agrees multibillion-pound plan to build new UK nuclear power plant, Express, 24th of September 2021.

Johnson did his bit and mouthed-off on television about this new generation of ever more reactors. Johnson is on record as stating that we need to "grow up" when it comes to a zero-carbon world. A government spokesperson stated:

"We don't really have any option. We need to get moving if we're going to hit net zero and ensure energy security,"

A classic instance of being seen to be bold and fixing a future date when you want the nation to be "zero-carbon" (there's no such thing) and then as your own deadline approaches (which you always knew you'd never achieve) you fall back on what you always wanted anyway.

I find it amusing that puppets like Johnson & Co believe nuclear power is some sort of zero-carbon fuel and that the core material is just lying around in our back gardens to be freely picked up an converted into energy, like some sort of E=mc^2 Utopian energy transfer.

The image on the left shows an open case mine in Australia's Kakadu National Park. Yes, a National Park.

Millions of tonnes of rock mined from deep pits, transported for crushing and extracting the nuclear material and then dumped elsewhere. And once they are finished - are these monster holes refilled and returned to how they once looked? - Not a chance.

The environmental destruction is irreversible and truly devastating.

It's hard to place the image on the left in some sort of scale, but in the bottom right of the image you'll see a building, and now try and place that in terms of the height of a person. All of the material from that giant pit was blasted, mined, dug out and transported using diesel powered machinery. The fans of nuclear power always fail to include this in their energy balance and "zero-carbon" flawed vision.

And then there's all of the contamination of the environment and nuclear waste that can be persistent for more than 100,000 years.