No Queuing for PM Johnson

No Queuing for PM Johnson

For me this video spoke volumes as to the type of man Johnson is. Watch the opening closely:

UK PM receives coronavirus booster jab in London, YouTube, 2nd of December 2021.

Straight to the front of the queue. This is the kind of thing people take for granted and you will never see the mainstream media comment on. But in my book it is a strong indicator why the man has zero respect from the people. He is above queuing like those who voted him into office. All of the equipment, medical staff and vaccines were paid for by those queuing, and yet straight to the front of the queue for Johnson. Why? Because he's a busy man, and all those queuing have nothing better to do.

It is a well documented fact that Admiral Horatio Nelson was once severely injured while captain of one his ships. His injuries were so severe he had to keep a hand pressed against his forehead to prevent the detached skin from falling down over his eyes. And yet he joined the back of the queue of other injured men waiting to see the ship's doctor. Only when out of sight of his fellow crew members did he let his guard down and nearly pass out. It was such acts of courage and knowing one's place as to why Nelson was so highly regarded by all those that served under him.

No queuing for me.