Obesity and Poverty

Obesity and Poverty

Take this news article:

Pandemic sees big rise in obese children in England, BBC News, 17th of November 2021.

It discusses the rise in child obesity as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown measures.

It states:

"Caroline Cerny, of the Obesity Health Alliance, said she agreed poverty was playing a crucial role. We need to break the junk-food cycle to improve children's health ..."

How can obesity and poverty be used in the same sentence? Surely, if you are poor then you will consume less and therefore lose weight. Or is that too much like common sense?

I've seen this obesity - poverty link discussed several times and trying to blame being fat on poverty. But it doesn't wash - well, not with me. But it's due to a poor diet if you are poor - I hear people reply. No, being poor means you can't afford food. Eating the wrong types of food and lots of it and taking too little exercise is called being stupid.

Obesity and stupidity - that's more like it.