Omicron - The Vaccine Variant?

Omicron - The Vaccine Variant?

Whatever you think of Russian President Putin, at least he speaks his mind unlike the wets in Western governments:

Putin compares Omicron to 'live vaccine' and slams WHO: 'Let's not get ahead of ourselves', Express, 8th of December 2021.

When Putin said:

"... They say it’s not that virulent. Some specialists even call it a live vaccine. ..."

there will be some truth behind those words.

I don't have sufficient information to state one way or the other as to whether Omicron is a vaccine-induced variant. However, the virus will be adapting as a direct result of the administered vaccines, and who knows what the side-effects and consequences will be.

To every action there is an equal opposite reaction and you don't attempt to inject the entire world's population with experimental drugs and there not be any side effects. What will the "equal and opposite reaction" be? When dealing with Newtonian mechanics we can work it out, but when dealing with Nature, who knows. And the funny thing is - it is irreversible and there is no going back.

Omicron and Booster Have the Same Symptoms

It is no surprise that the omicron/moronic variant and the "Booster" vaccine have the same symptoms because omicron was vaccine-induced:

Omicron symptoms and Covid booster jab side effects that are exactly the same, Mirror, 21st of December 2021.