Omicron/Moronic Variant - Driven by the Vaccinated

Omicron/Moronic Variant - Driven by the Vaccinated

Omicron is an anagram for Moronic and is close to being an anagram for Ironic. A pity it isn't because it is ironic that it is predominantly found in those that had been vaccinated:

Omicron wave driven by 'young, healthy, vaccinated' population, Telegraph, 13th of December 2021.

As of mid-December 2021 this was what data from the UK, Denmark and Africa was showing in that more than 70% of cases were found in the young and vaccinated.

Just listen to the nonsense reported in the Irish Times:

Omicron surge in Denmark and UK sends warning to rest of Europe, Irish Times, 14th of December 2021.

It states; noting the customary hypochondriac's word of "could" emphasised in bold:

"... In Norway, health authorities warned that if no countermeasures were taken Omicron could infect up to 300,000 people a day compared with the previous peak of about 1,000 cases. ..."

After nearly 2 years have we not learnt our lesson yet of the Doomsday predictions by Professor Lockdown and Co? Extending from a daily peak of 1,000 to 300,000 is a 300-fold increase! Really! The entire population of Norway 5.3 million. So, in just 18 days the entire country would be infected - oh, really - please give it a rest.

A Look at Noway

As of the 14th of December 2021, Norway had vaccinated 78% of its population, and yet was experiencing more new daily cases than ever.

Their April 2020 peak was 254, Their November 2020 pre-vaccination peak was 609. Their post-vaccination peak December 2021 was 5,413 - 21 times that of April 2020 and 9 times that of November 2020.

Anyone would think vaccination and all the other measures made the situation worse.

Norway's COVID-19 daily cases as of the 14th of December. A 78% vaccinated nation and more cases than ever!

Claims were made that the vaccination programme had helped reduce the number of ICU cases. It could equally be argued that since the cases were predominantly in the young then it follows there would be fewer ending up in ICU.

What the data shows is that all of the previous vaccinations offered little to zero protection against getting infected with new strains. And isn't that the aim of vaccination?

We all knew this before COVID-19 came along in that flu and CVs mutate at such a rate that vaccination is effectively useless at preventing you from catching the latest strain.

UK Health Secretary Nuttiness

It didn't long before the Danish 300,000 case/day worked its way to the UK and the UK Health Secretary was talking of 200,000 cases per day:

COVID-19: Why health secretary's 200k Omicron case claim was back-of-envelope sum not a definitive number, Sky News, 14th of December 2021.

These people are not fit to govern. They are akin with rabbits in headlights.