One Indication of Sloppiness

One Indication of Sloppiness

An indication of sloppiness - or was it?

It's not the first time it has been reported of vaccinated people receiving the wrong vaccine. In this article we read about care home patients being injected with saline solution instead of a COVID cocktail:

Fury as Scots care home residents injected with salt water instead of Covid vaccine , Daily Record, 21st of November 2021.

The question remains how such an "accident" could happen. I'm sure when a nurse picks up a COVID vaccine bottle, it is clearly marked "COVID vaccine" and not "Salt Water".

None of us were born yesterday and maybe it happening once but multiple times in a 40 bed care home. Oh come on really! This is speculation but one could save themselves a lot of money by injecting salt water instead of COVID vaccines, while billing UKGov for the real stuff. And how convenient that they injected with something that is harmless!

A Hush Hush Government

One of the things I took note of in this article was how the SNP Scottish government kept stum on hearing of this. Unless their hand had been forced then they would never have made the public aware of what happened. Yet another indicator that the government cannot be trusted when it comes to a truthful unbiased approach to COVID-19, or in fact any matter. Who knows what the government knows and they decide not to inform the same people that elect them. It is called lying by omission and one of the most widely used tactics by governments.

What's it say on the label? "COVID-19 Vaccine". I don't see "Salt Water" do you?