Queen’s Roger Taylor - "Anti-vaxxers must be ignorant and stupid”

Queen’s Roger Taylor - "Anti-vaxxers must be ignorant and stupid”

Queen's drummer Roger Taylor is on record in October 2021 as stating that all those who have an opinion or are against vaccination are "ignorant and stupid":

Queen’s Roger Taylor says anti-vaxxers “must be ignorant and stupid”, NME, 2nd of October, 2021.

I always love it when members of the celebrity world step away from their comfort zone and start lecturing others. One minute they are nobodies, next find themselves thrown into the spot light for playing a musical instrument, kicking a football round a grass field all day long or starring as an actor/actress in a film, and before long they start abusing their position by lecturing others.

Here's what he said in full context:

"We all want to be looking back [on the pandemic]. We’re kind of starting to look back on it a bit now. I have to say, I really don’t understand anybody that doesn’t want to be vaccinated. They must be ignorant and stupid. But here we are; it’s a clear cut case. Vaccinations have been with us a long time now, and they work. Please, get vaccinated.”

So, people who don't want to be vaccinated for religious reasons, are ignorant and stupid? You could equally say that the conscientious objectors in WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, Iraq Wars, ... were ignorant and stupid.

So, people who don't want to be vaccinated for reasons of the genetic materials of babies being used and the vaccines grown on animal tissue, are ignorant and stupid? You might as well say that all vegetarians and vegans are stupid.

So, people who don't want to be vaccinated because they don't agree with the tens of thousands of primates that were abused and tortured as part of the testing, are ignorant and stupid?

Following the spread of COVID-19 in September 2021 following nearly a year of vaccination in countries such as Israel and Singapore, proving that vaccination does not stop the spread of infection, that anyone who questions the vaccination programme is ignorant and stupid.

The thousands who have been permanently disabled by vaccination, are ignorant and stupid.

And the people who have not been vaccinated, caught COVID-19 and then recovered and built up a far superior natural immunity are now ignorant and stupid unless they they are forced to be vaccinated unnecessarily.


He needs to stick to drumming.

Other Celebs

I see that horrible person on the BBC's dancing programme, Craig Revel Horwood, also has an opinion about vaccination that he can't keep to himself:

Craig Revel Horwood 'wants unvaccinated dancers BANNED from tour, MSN, 10th of October 2021.

He said:

"This is no different to a vaccine for the flu and why people are up in arms about it I have no idea. It's ridiculous."

Well, he's wrong there as the COVID-19 vaccines were rushed out and use new technology that in many ways is still experimental. There's a whole plethora of other reasons.

And if a dancer is not vaccinated then he is for them being exchanged for vaccinated dancers "if it means protecting the health and safety of cast, crew and the general public."