Show a Little Imagination - COVID-19 and Trench Warfare

Show a Little Imagination - COVID-19 and Trench Warfare

We've all read about the nonsense and terrible loss of WWI, in which armed combat entered a new era of guns, tanks, mines and aircraft. The old guard who sat up high on their white horses didn't know how to handle this new type of warfare and so dug themselves in the trenches and gritted it out - well the soldiers did while the generals went back to the country homes they'd repossessed.

I see similarities in the way UKGov has and continues to tackle COVID-19. Back in March 2020 - on the 23rd to be precise - Johnson and his sham of a government dug their heels in and descended the country into a state of lockdown. There was an alternative - the Sweddish approach, which was one of an adult approach of no lockdown, no social-distancing, face nappies, etc and instead treating the people with respect and dignity and as a bunch of adults and simply saying "Look - there's something going round and be careful".

But nah - the Johnson & Co government is like something out of WWI and thought they knew best, where millions spoke up and said you're out of touch and step down.

Now - 20 months later in December 2021 with the latest omicron variant (it isn't the first and won't be the last), and what do we get? More of the same old same of restrictions, closures of events, etc. But how about a little imagination and thinking outside the box? How about saying to themselves that they tried the trench warfare approach and it didn't work and so how about trying something different - the Swedish approach.

Why didn't their approach work? They imposed a lockdown, social-distancing, face nappies, track&trace, vaccine No. 1, vaccine No. 2, vaccine No. 3 (booster), vaccine No. 4, ... and more cases than ever!

Boy, are these people donkeys.